• Dec 4, 2019
Not only people are inclined

to obesity. Some cat breeds are also genetically predisposed to a set of excess weight. Owners of pets can not always understand how often to feed the cats. It increases risk of obesity.


6 cat breeds which are inclined to obesity

In spite of the fact that British short-haired quite often become too roundish, thanks to excessive generosity of owners, they also easily can lose excess weight. Representatives of this breed extremely playful also look forward to an opportunity to gambol. They like to jump and run that does them harmonious and tightened.

Almost everything in these cats round: head, eyes, paws and even tip of a tail. Imposing and brawny breed. Animal quiet and independent, with self-respect – the British, in a word.


6 cat breeds which are inclined to obesity

The charming round muzzle of this cat and asks to treat her with something tasty. Under a plush hair there is noticeable an excess fat not at once. Being a close relative of the British, it and quiet character is similar to them. Run hands the pet on each side – if edges are not probed, so the time of physical activities and fasting days came. Play with a cat more often and reduce a portion of favourite food.


6 cat breeds which are inclined to obesity

Big, wonderful cats. They have long silky wool and a surprising muzzle. People love these animals. Nevertheless, Persians often have obesity because of negligence of owners. Matter is not that owners intentionally make the Persian cats thick, in fact, they do not realize it. With such long wool it is not always easy to define that the kitten eats too much because they look big in general. Persians do not love active games, and it means that to force them to lose the weight when they mature, it will be difficult.


6 cat breeds which are inclined to obesity

Surprisingly, but excess weight will not hide the fact, and wool. Can seem unexpected that this cat breed is inclined to problems with weight, but it so. At a sphinx the bald body, apparently, as can be not noticed excess weight. People tend to overfeed these cats, thinking that cats cold and need additional food. Owners consider them too thin and are inclined to feed more, than it is necessary.

Maine Coons

6 cat breeds which are inclined to obesity

These cats rather big in itself. The friendly breed, as a rule, gets on with all, including dogs and other cats. Actually, a Maine Coon so quiet and balanced that can even allow to walk himself on a lead. The mistake of owners, in relation to this breed, consists in continuous increase in a portion of a cat's lunch and fear that the big animal can remain hungry. Be not afraid, he will not eat you if you make portions less.


6 cat breeds which are inclined to obesity

The fluffy wool having an underfur helped to endure cold of severe Russian climate once long ago. These cats have strong, well-muscled bodies, some castrated males can weigh up to 20 kilograms.

It is friendly cats, it is easy to communicate with them. They are kind and patient with children therefore so many people own this breed. Nevertheless, they are extremely lazy. Do not love physical exercises and active games therefore with high probability will get fat if you allow. This is not that cat who can have continuous access to a bowl. It has no feeling of self-checking, he can eat more, than it is recommended by the veterinarian.

Of course, we love our pets and we care for them. But you remember what more not always means better. Excess weight of animals are excess problems. The true love is reasonable and is shown in care of health of pets.

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