• Nov 13, 2019

Cats – some of the most popular and favourite pets. Daily these animals entertain us, touch, heat and even sometimes treat. Undoubtedly, all who bring pets want that they pleased us as long as possible, but time does not spare, and sooner or later there is a fatal blow. Let's tell about what advice of veterinarians should follow owners of cats to prolong life to the pets.

6 councils from the veterinarian which will prolong life to a cat
It is less than stress

We mean a condition of the emotional instability caused by a number of adverse circumstances by a stress. First, at all do not beat an animal as it with a bigger share of probability will do to his mentality irreparable harm. Avoid attacks to the cat, do not torment if he goes on the affairs – free the road better. Secondly, changing a diet, you subject the pet to nervous shock. Changes of this sort strain cats and to eliminate this increasing feeling, it is necessary to return everything as was. Thirdly, find time for the pet. Many cats are not so independent, apparently, to them presence of the person who will caress them is required and to play with them. Fourthly, it will not be pleasant to this animals if you repeatedly move from home to home. Remember that everything that is connected with transportation of pets, does harm to their psychological state

Castration of an animal

According to opinion of doctors, this procedure provides to cats of 2 - 4 more additional years of life. As a result of such operation the animal avoids all diseases connected with the infections caused by sexual contact. After castration the behavior of the favourite will change to the best, aggression will disappear, the cat will become more good-natured and attached to you.

Secure the habitat

First of all, begin to close a balcony door if you do not want that your favourite cat fell down the earth. Sometimes cats are slightly clumsy so you have to act as a support. At windows put special lattices to save your pet from falling. If at your place houseplants are stored, be convinced that they are harmless for an animal and will not provoke his poisoning.

you Watch food

Adhering to healthy nutrition, cats easily live up to 15 – 20 years and even more. Products which are necessary for cats for normal functioning of digestive organs:

  • meat (excepting pork) which before giving has to be boiled thoroughly;
  • boiled fish without bones;
  • the boiled vegetable marrows, carrots, a cauliflower mixed with meat or an egg yolk;
  • low-fat cottage cheese or kefir;
  • porridge.

Do not forget to give to drink adequately to cats as water – guarantee of their health. Give time for rest and more often play active games. Whatever bustling was your pet, he all the same needs breaks and rest. Cats to whom it is uninteresting to frolic long need to help to develop game passion, otherwise they risk to grow lazy and gain excess weight. That cats wanted to play, they need to be interested, and special toys can help with it: balls, mice, laser pointers and so on. Draw their attention and they will respond.

you Brush teeth

Teeth at cats is the separate subject requiring due consideration. To avoid problems in a mouth, leaving is necessary for cat's teeth. This procedure there is no need to do daily, will be two times within a week enough. For cleaning of teeth in veterinary drugstore the appropriate hygienic means are got.

Do not forget to visit in due time the veterinarian – he will reveal weak points of an animal, will give a practical advice regarding leaving and will help you to prolong these his life.

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