• Feb 12, 2020

Many get cats due to the lack of difficulties in care of them. Unlike dogs, with them it is not necessary to walk several times a day, to train in teams. It is enough to feed in time and to iron occasionally. What independent would not be cats, they demand the correct leaving too what owners often do not cope with, making a number of serious mistakes.

6 inexcusable mistakes in care of a cat for which the pet can revenge

Small bowl

The bowl for a forage has to correspond to the animal size. Owners, having bought a small saucer to a kitten, quite often leave the same ware to the grown-up five-kilogram pet at whom even the mouth in it is not located.

The cat has to get food from a bowl that moustaches and wool on cheeks did not concern its walls freely. Also the bowl should not be too deep. If the cat has to immerse completely the head in search of food, he will uncomfortablly feel and just will begin to pull out food on a floor. It is the best of all to observe a cat at meal time. It is so possible to understand whether interfere with her sides and whether bowl depth approaches.

to Put

a number of a bowl with water and a forage

Cats like to drink fresh water. If in a bowl from previous day there was water, they can patiently wait when the owner pours new. In the same way cats will behave if in water the garbage, wool or pieces of food floats.

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If bowls with water and a forage stand too close, hit of food in water cannot almost be avoided, especially, if the pet not really accurately eats or likes to play with a forage. In search of fresh water the cat can go to a kitchen table or to a toilet bowl. In order that it did not occur, it is necessary just to put far away from each other bowls with a forage and water.

to Allow to lie on the battery

It is very often possible to see cats in the winter, lying on the battery or about it. Unlike the person, the contact with the heated radiators does not frighten them. They can lie for hours, without feeling any discomfort, but such habit of the pet can negatively affect his health.

Because of overheating internals can suffer: short-haired and nonhairy breeds are especially subject to risk. If you do not manage to take away the pet from the battery, then he can organize on it a stove bench. It is enough to lay a big terry towel or an old pillow to prevent close contact with the hot battery.

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to Cut fluffy cats

Trying to get rid of wool on all apartment, owners hurry to cut a long-haired cat. Many are amused by a new image of the pet, and some think out even the ideas for hairstyles. Actually such transformation can do much harm to an animal. Wool performs protective function. Without it the cat can overheat in the sun or, on the contrary, freeze even at the slightest draft.

Besides, if the procedure is performed under anesthetic, it can also negatively affect health of the pet. The hairstyle is allowed only when on a body of an animal koltuna were formed and them it is already impossible to untangle, or the animal needs to be prepared for operation. And will help to reduce amount of wool on a floor and furniture regular comb-outs that many cats very much love.

to Delete with


One more inadmissible thing in care of a cat – removal of claws. Some owners send the pets for carrying out the operation "soft pads" to prevent damage of a favourite sofa and expensive wall-paper.

First, such operation is performed under the general anesthesia. Secondly, claws, and the whole phalanxes then the animal feels an excruciating pain are removed not just. It is possible to solve a problem with damage of furniture, having just bought special kogtetochka and protective corners, but not subjecting an animal to tortures.

than the cat when it rubs about your legs wants to tell O

to Get small animals

Friendship of a cat with a dog is quite possible, but here with smaller pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, rats, small fishes) of a murlyk will hardly get the friendly relations.

With the advent of small living creatures the cat can actively begin to hunt for it as birds and small rodents she initially perceives as the alleged production. The predatory instinct can get the best what hamsters and parrots often suffer from.

1 bowl and a tray for several animals

How many in the house lives cats, it is so much and has to be bowls, trays and stove benches. Use of one ware for feeding and one tray can lead not only to the conflicts between animals, but also to changes in their behavior.

Cats very sharply react to foreign smells. Because of it the animal can refuse to go to a toilet in the designated place and to begin to spoil on all house. Also the smell of other cat in a bowl with a forage can lead to refusal of food.

Cats really do not require difficult leaving and excessive attention. It is enough to provide comfortable conditions of accommodation, to watch over health, and the pet will answer the owner with caress.

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