• Jan 3, 2020

Inquisitive fluffies gnaw wires with pleasure irrespective of, at home the owner or not. The habit is fraught not only with failure of household appliances, but also threat for the favourite's life. Therefore it is important to owners of cats to know what mistakes you should not make that the animal did not conceive a liking for such dangerous game.

6 mistakes of owners because of which the cat gnaws wires

you Leave to

wires in a visible place

Even the most well-mannered and adult cat can become interested in wires sooner or later. Especially if there is no owner often long the house, or he does not pay sufficient attention to the pet. The cat will surely find, than to occupy itself. Therefore wires need to be hidden, such games can not only damage conducting, but also to become dangerous occupation for an animal.

It is possible to isolate wires from a murlyka in several ways:

  • cable channels;
  • corrugated tubes;
  • placement of wires not on a floor, and on a wall.
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you do not use corrugated pipes

Use of corrugated pipes — a great option to hide wires not only from animals, but also from children.

It will be not so interesting to cat to play with thick tubes, it is more difficult to gnaw them, and they do not move, drawing attention of an animal.

you Neglect

folk remedies

Besides various purchased means, otvazhivayushchy the animal from undesirable actions, is also national ways by means of which it is easy to frighten off a cat from wires.

The cat family is hated by citrus smells therefore orange or lemon essential oils will be by the way.

Also aloe juice will be suitable for a solution. It is necessary to rub with it wires carefully. The pet, having licked such toy, will feel unpleasant plentiful salivation and next time will think before playing with wires.

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It is possible to use mustard. The method is quite rigid, and it is better to wash out an animal mouth after consumption of spice. But the effect of such lesson can remain for a long time.

you do not bring up

As soon as the cat appeared in the house, it needs to impart the correct habits at once and to disaccustom to undesirable.

In attempt to attack wires the animal should be sprinkled water from a spray or to frighten by cotton in palms. The cat will understand that these actions are followed by consequences, unpleasant for it.

If you chose option with water, be convinced that all wires are tight that there was no short circuit.

you Use too many wires

Of course, the big ball of wires will attract attention cats. The wires which are constantly sticking out everywhere — it is ugly and inconvenient. It is better to remove superfluous, to wind long and to hide visible. It will become better both for the owner, and for the pet.

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you play

with a cat A little and you do not buy by it a toy

The cat, undoubtedly, walks in itself, but it does not mean that she does not need attention at all. Since the childhood accustom your pet to toys. Murlyki is very much loved by various strings and elastic bands. Cats treat especially kindly fur mice which have to rustle or ring.

It is possible to find the excellent developing toys which will occupy a cat for long time in pet-shops. The sense of such toy is in receiving delicacy which is hidden inside.

Do not forget to iron an animal and to speak with it. Murlyki is adored by hide-and-seek and a game of tag. If your cat is spoiled by attention and will be tired of games, he will not even look towards uninteresting cables.

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