• Jan 17, 2020
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Among a set of cat's breeds the most tender and attentive to the owner. But the six of the most friendly breeds can be defined after all.

Maine Coon

6 most tender cat breeds

These beauties — pride of the cat's world. Large, about a meter from a nose to a tail, and heavy cats some of the most tender on the planet. Owing to goodwill these cats quickly gain other pets.

Maine Coons are various on a color, they have brushes on ears and a collar jabot. The second name of breed — "the Manx cat's raccoon", by the name of the native state.


6 most tender cat breeds

Fluffy good-natured persons from Russia already conquered Europe and the world. Almost all the time they will see off near the owner – rub about his legs, purring cat's roulades.

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From Siberians and blows as a cosiness, the warm house with a fireplace or the furnace. They are homebodies at heart as, however, many representatives of the cat family.


6 most tender cat breeds

Mysterious soul of a cat sphinx does not prevent it to be a full priverzhenitsa of the owner at all.

Happens that the sphinx long does not go on hands, however then it will reward the patient owner, having allowed to stroke itself(himself) and to snuggle – and it is very pleasant, considering skin of these extraordinary cats gentle to the touch.


6 most tender cat breeds

It is considered one of the best cats for family with children: the quiet temperament allows to belong to joint games without aggression because of discomfort.

The breed is created in the USA half a century back, the literal translation of the name - "rag doll". Her representatives adore dozing on hands at the person. The nice appearance of ragdolls is a match for their patient character.

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Scottish Fold

6 most tender cat breeds

Cuties with trailing ears conquered the world of fans of cats long ago. They with an ulterior motive are considered as one of the most tender: the breed differs in consistency and softness of character.

By the way, among kids there are also pryamoukhy: they too very contact – like to sleep under a blanket and everywhere follow the owners.

Nevsky maskaradny

6 most tender cat breeds

This beauty is brought in our country and gained distribution at the end of the twentieth century. The cat is really smart: the color reminding Siamese breed and long silky wool.

Simpatyazhki have sweet temper and are famous for cleanliness. Actually, the Nevsky maskaradny – subspecies of the Siberian breed therefore it is no wonder that well-fed pukhlyachka besides are still very tender.

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