• Jan 15, 2020
Many trust

in the magic strength of white cats, identifying them with kind magic as white color is associated with safety, light, purity. Long since they were considered as mystical animals. But in addition there are many national signs related to these pets.

6 national signs about white cats about whom it is worth knowing

Protection against a malefice and evil spirits

It is considered that "moustached" choose to themselves one "favourite" from family – cats are more attached to hostesses, and cats on the contrary, choose to themselves in owners a male. Pets of white color absorb negative energy, thereby preserving the owner against a malefice and evil spirits.

Help to marry

If you are a lonely woman who dreams to make family, begin with the white pet! The national sign says that snow-white cats help to marry quicker. And women in this case should get a kitty. There is an opinion that she will help the hostess to realize the female potential and uncontrollable appeal. The kitty of any color, of course, can cope with this task, but white color of wool energetically is considered especially powerful. Anyway, what floor would not appear your pet, it will be ready to allure for you happiness.

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Harbinger of happy family life

In India believe that if the cat pribluditsya and does not want to leave your shelter – business approaches a wedding. It is the good sign, and it is impossible to banish an animal as it promises good luck. And the person who banished it risks to attract to himself adversities for seven years. If the cat sneezed near the bride in day of her wedding – happy family life is provided to it.

Reduce stress

Cats reduce stress – their rumbling lulls and calms, and warmly so pleasantly warms a body that then it is impossible to rise until the pet himself deigns to leave. White cats are useful to sluggish people – they feed them with the energy and remove stress and fatigue after long day.

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Treats indispositions

Shaggy favourites are excellent house doctors. In modern medicine such phenomenon as treatment by cats, received the official term "felinoterapiya". But know that it is only an additional way of prevention, but not a panacea. In ancient times was considered that the white cat is capable to prevent various orthopedic diseases – arthrosis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis.

Presently cats "are prescribed" those people who have a hypertension, by heart diseases, gastritis, bronchitis, pneumonia, neurosises and nervous breakdowns – the cat always feels your emotions and will hurry to you to the aid.

At a bed of the seriously ill patient

The cat of a white color can be death harbinger if sits down at a headboard of a bed of the seriously ill patient. The science is not capable to disprove or confirm this theory yet. Esoterics explains it with the fact that cats can see soul of the person. They claim that this animal has communication with the other world and can communicate with the died relatives of the owner. And our ancestors noticed magic abilities of cats at the time of Ancient Russia – many magical rituals were based on it.

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