• Nov 17, 2019

Because of medieval prejudices to black cats take a jaundiced view. Some are afraid to meet it on the road (suddenly will run across), others consider helpers of a devil and the friend of evil spirit at all. Actually this animal possesses the powerful power capable to help the person.

6 reasons to get a black cat contrary to bad signs

Will save from thieves

In Russia there was a ritual to let into the new house at first black chicken, and after it a cat. In such a way housing forever received protection against robbers and ill-wishers. It also is logical: superstitious thieves will get into the house, and here dangerous color a cat let them pass to run across – to bring troubles. Will change the mind and will leave with anything.

To successful swimming

The black ship cat guarantees happy swimming, a rich catch to fishermen, protection against storm and safe return home. Even if the animal lives ashore, he protects the owner seaman and helps his wife to remain faithful. By the ships highly appreciate also cats rat catchers: them even enlist them in members of the team.

Will attract to the house wealth

If to the house the kitten of dark color was beaten - it is the good sign. The animal chose you and strongly intends to protect from adversities. Besides, after him the prosperity and wealth will come. For businessmen there is a ritual: before the serious transaction to let a cat to be trampled according to documents – success will be provided. Black cats – mascots for dealers. But it should be taken into account that the help comes only to those at whom affairs so go not bad. If something is not got on, it is better to look for an animal of more positive color – for example, red.

Will protect from a malefice

If the black cat is accused of communications with evil spirit, he can and to put in a word for you to the Prince of Darkness. Like, such owner at me good that it is impossible to offend him in any way. Also there will be you with such animal, under reliable protection against any evil spirits and against an evil eye. Besides, he has rare ability to absorb negative vibrations of the person, to process them in itself(himself) and to return back already in the form of positive energy.

Will raise a harvest

In Serbia considered that cats of color of mother earth are allocated with magic ability to affect fertility and to raise a harvest. Objectively, they have the congenital talent of the hunter and a favorable color allowing to mask easily in the dark. As a result the animal perfectly copes with rodents on fields, mice and rats in barns. Precisely nothing threatens a harvest if it is protected by a black cat.

Will attract admirers

The strong power of cats of a coal color is transferred to owners, doing them loveful and increasing quantity of amorous intrigues. If at the young girl there lives a black kitty, around there will always be a lot of male attention and opportunities to marry successfully will open. For the bride to meet in the wedding day on the street such cat – a sure sign of happy family life.

The black cat in spite of the fact that the most known sign speaks about him, actually brings to the owner good luck, wealth and protects the house from ill-wishers. So it is possible to be afraid of nothing if the cat of black color lives at your place.

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