• Nov 20, 2019

the Japanese island of Tasiro relating to Miyagi Prefecture actually is a part of the city of Isinomaki. Cats and cats in this area are esteemed for a long time, still when here produced silk. Rats caused a big loss to a manufactory therefore cultivation of fluffy pets became rescue for islanders. It was strictly forbidden to import dogs there. Let's tell about why it is worth visiting this island, in our article.

6 reasons to visit the island of cats in Japan for incorrigible aelurophiles

of Cats many times is more, than people

The first reason for which it is worth visiting Tasiro is that population of the cats living on the island much more the number of local population (which is only 70 - 100 people). Here it is the share of one person five – six animals.

Animals with pleasure pose

On the island treat cats very with respect (though do not hold them as pets), and tourists do not show aggression and feed up them. Therefore animals not only are not afraid of visitors, but even elicit at them food and pose in front of photo and video cameras.

of the Arriving tourists meet cats

In so comfortable living conditions the majority of cats ceased to hunt. Now they have other "work" – to entertain tourists. Having a tail meet vessels with travelers at the mooring.

One visit will replace several sessions of psychotherapy

All animals on Tasiro are well-groomed, healthy and quite well-fed. They are watched by veterinarians who regularly perform medical examinations, carry out necessary procedures and vaccination. Live "sights" easily make contact with people and do not oppose to caress. It is considered that one visit of the purring island is capable to replace ten psychotherapeutic sessions.

Chance to save the island from desolation

The number of the human population of the island is steadily reduced. Average age of islanders is only 71 years. The youth does not want to remain here, and in aspiration to the better life it moves to the large cities. Visiting Tasiro, tourists contribute to the development of local economy, so there is a chance to save "cat's paradise" from desolation.

Photo contests

One more argument in favor of visit of "the kingdom of cats" – on the island often there take place photo contests and exhibitions. The real fans of cats need to visit Tasiro. On this land area the small temple of cats which is between two settlements is located. Besides, on the island the complex of animation buildings with "cat's" outlines is built. In these lodges there are a tourist center and campings which are used from April to November.

One more work of art devoted to cats is the sculpture made of a set of small figures. It is created in 2010 by students of the University of Tokyo of Arts, has quite impressive sizes and is located near Nitoda port.

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