• Dec 26, 2019

in villages of a cat got Earlier on home ovens. In modern apartments they often look for heat on the owner's bed. However behind the aspiration to hide under a blanket not only desire to be warmed is.

6 reasons why the cat hides under obeyaly all the time


In difficult life situations sometimes the blanket remains the only place where the animal feels safe. Arrival of noisy guests, new pets, moving – here only a little bit of the reasons capable to cause a stress in cats. Under a blanket they catch a smell of the owner which is a guarantee that in this secluded world it is good and safe.


If the fluffy pet began to spend too much time under a blanket, it is worth looking narrowly at an animal more attentively. Perhaps, behind harmless behavior some disease hides. Together with desire to hide in secluded places there can be following symptoms:

  • the animal sleeps more than usual;
  • there is no appetite;
  • strong thirst;
  • vomiting opened, the chair changed;
  • wool drops out shreds;
  • aggression or on the contrary – slackness is shown;
  • allocations from eyes and a nose.
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If there were similar symptoms, it is worth showing a cat to the veterinarian

Search of rest and comfort

Sometimes hiding under a blanket, cats look for the quiet and comfortable place for a dream. Considering that body temperature at an animal is couple degrees higher, than at the person, the aspiration to be sheltered under a woolen plaid or a duvet is not surprising.

Bed of the person soft, nice on the touch. To the fluffy inhabitant of the apartment comfortably in such conditions therefore he with pleasure gets under a blanket. Besides, for a little kitten the soft bed reminds society of mother, brothers and sisters with whom he grew some time. If a cat already old, joint pains which calm down on a warm and soft bed can torment her.

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Settling under a blanket, cats look for an opportunity to deeply fall asleep and restore forces dissipated in a day. Also quite often on a master's bed pregnant cats get. Instinctively they look for heat necessary for future kittens under a blanket.

Wants loneliness

Even the most sociable cats are tired of noisy and loud visitors of the house, especially if among them there are children. Avoiding excessive attention of little guests, the animal in every way seeks to appear alone. A master's blanket – the quiet and safe place where, at last, it is possible to have a rest quietly.

there Is no

the lodge

An animal who has no corner (a rug, a basket or a cat's lodge) by all means will choose a master's bed. The need for comfort, heat and the reliable shelter dictates also the aspiration to find such secluded place. Besides, in stressful situations to a cat it is vital to aspire there where she will be able to feel in safety.

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Marks "the" territory

Sometimes owners notice how cats touch on a blanket paws. One of the reasons of such behavior is connected with the fact that the fluffy pet marks the territory. The cat on small pillows of paws has special glands which excrete a special secret. Is at it and began to smell, indiscernible for the person, but well caught by other animals.

In some cases the cat gets under a blanket to express to the owner caress and gratitude for all that is done for her by the person. If there is a wish to fill up without the humming lump near by, make a cozy stove bench for the fluffy favourite. Put on it a warm plaid or a blanket that the pet could hide there when wishes.

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