• Nov 22, 2019

Almost all owners of cats faced such touching ritual when the pet, purring, rubs about the owner's legs. It is considered that such behavior is caused by splash in positive cat's emotions. But actually it not always so. In our article we decided to state six main reasons why the cat rubs about the owner's legs.

6 reasons why the cat rubs about the owner's legs

Expresses attachment

One of the most common causes, and, perhaps, the most predictable – the cat expresses you the attachment. It can sound quite strange, but for cats this very bright manifestation of love. When your pet rubs about your legs, touching you with the muzzle and a tail, in their language it means expression of attachment and warm feelings. The similar ritual is of great importance as it is the only way for a cat to show the tender feelings and to let know that she trusts you for them. Most often such active manifestation of love from the pet can be observed after long separation.

Territorial claims

Cats, as a rule, very seriously treat the territory and extremely are tied to it. As well as other representatives of the cat family — lions and tigers — cats, by means of a smell, mark that territory which they consider the house.

When the cat rubs about legs of the owner, she involved the same logic. By means of the special glands located on the pet's body they seek to leave the smell on clothes of the person. Also extremely loveful pets who on it do not stop meet and in addition try to lick the owner, leaving some kind of "tag".

If to observe behavior of a cat within the apartment, then it is possible to notice that in this way it arrives with those things that it are pleasant to it — its favourite stove bench, a chair, a kogtetochka, etc. A smell for cats is a special story and therefore they watch that their "tag" remained on you as long as possible and periodically update it when rub about your legs.


In certain cases the similar behavior can speak about a condition of a stress in which your pet stays. Some cats that did not speak about their self-sufficiency and love to loneliness, very hard transfer separation from the owner and at a meeting first of all begin to rub about legs.

Also they can have a stress against the background of any disease or recently endured shocks (for example, a campaign to the veterinarian or a big congestion of people in your house). In that case, it is necessary to understand that she tries to express you the request for protection and the help, and the best that can be made is to caress and calm the pet.

Wants to eat

Perhaps, all a familiar situation, especially, if business happens in kitchen or near a cat's bowl. Those cases when the reason is in desire to eat, can be distinguished on some signs. First, the cat will curl so persistently around your legs that you, practically in literal sense, about her will stumble. Secondly, many owners note that cats not just rub about legs, but also try to conduct them towards the refrigerator or the bowl. And the third sign, however, it is present not at all, the cat accompanies the actions with plaintive miaow.

Saves from negative emotions and fatigue

The similar gesture when the cat rubs about your legs, can be manifestation of her care to you. Scientists proved long ago that when the cat rubs about the owner, she tries to save him from bad mood, bad health and for the fatigue which is saved up in a day. Carrying out this touching ritual, she removes all negative energy which is saved up outdoors from the person.

Many are to this version extremely skeptic and to the fact that cats are able to treat and affect morale. However, in many countries many years are applied so-called "pet-therapy" or in a different way "animaloterapiya". The matter is that purring of cats represents certain sound vibrations, with a frequency from 20 to 50 Hertz which start healing processes in an organism. In addition, society and caress of cats helps to lower arterial blood pressure, to stabilize work of heart and to kill headaches.

"will go on a spree" Soon

If your cat began a thicket to rub about legs recently and besides conducts to herself uneasily, it can speak about the beginning of a techka. It occurs during an initial stage of a techka when hormones only begin to be emitted and the behavior of your favourite begins to change. Many cats during this period have a stress and alarm and therefore they try to draw your attention and actively ask caress and protection.

Many pets are the real owners and show the love to the owner too actively, literally do not give pass. But you should not push away a cat when she curls at your legs and rubs the muzzle as they work instinctively and only try to express you the feelings thus.

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