• Sep 18, 2019

the Tail at cats has special sensitivity and performs different functions. To observe rather a little a tail of the pet to learn about his thoughts and emotions.

6 remarkable facts about a cat's tail about which each aelurophile should know

Keeper of a quiet dream

Cats like to sleep in safe and comfortable conditions. Temperature change is not pleasant to them.

When in the house it becomes cold, they take great pain to be warmed. For this purpose they are perfectly helped by a tail. To them a cat, having been curtailed in a ball, can cover eyes, a nose and a muzzle. Heat exchange remains, and the animal does not freeze.


These active animals very much like to run, jump and hunt quickly. By means of a tail cats keep balance and balancing.

The opportunity always to land on four paws they are obliged to this part of the body. Falling from height, the cat does circular motions by the tail. From it the trunk acquires correctly the provision, pads are extended that provides landing without injuries.

Also the tail is a peculiar wheel when cats sharply turn on turns. Balancing with it in different directions, the animal manages to keep balance.

Expression of emotions

That it is easier for owner to understand desires and feelings of the pet, it is necessary to pay attention to his tail. There is a set of theories about definition of an emotional condition of cats:

  1. If the tail is lifted highly, then the cat shows the pride.
  2. If it is lowered, then he is tired or upset.
  3. Easy stir means interest.
  4. A tail and the ears pressed to the head indicate circular motions rage or irritation.
  5. If the cat ran up to you with the tail which is highly lifted up up, be sure that she wants from you food.

At different cat breeds tails differ in the number of vertebras

The tail of a cat consists of several vertebras which diameters decline on reduction.

All them there are 20-27 pieces depending on breed. The longest tails at Maine Coons and the Norwegian forest cats. Respectively, at them and the most large number of vertebras.

For entertainments is necessary a tail too

All be touched, looking at lovely kittens who run behind the tails. Some adult pets can play and be driven a little behind it too. For them this peculiar entertainment.

At some cats is absent a tail

6 remarkable facts about a cat's tail about which each aelurophile should know

It is difficult to present, but there are cat breeds at which the tail is absent. They resulted from a genetic mutation as a result of natural selection. In Japan this version was removed by means of selection. Such animals unusually look, but it is lovely. Was considered earlier that they bring wellbeing and good luck to the house.

For cats to get injured on a tail is a serious problem. With its help they can safely move, comfortably sleep and express the feelings. Therefore at changes or other damages it is necessary to address veterinarians at once.

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