• Dec 6, 2019

If you decided to pick up a cat from the street, she will answer you with boundless love and caress. But process of adaptation of a domestic animal will be difficult. It is necessary to conform to 6 basic rules of domestication.

6 rules which will help to make house of a street cat

not to wash

Naturally, a cat who lived on the street, slept in the cellar and ate from trash cans at once there is a wish to wash up fragrant shampoo. But it is not necessary to hurry. The animal who all life washed language will endure a severe stress if you put him in a basin with water, will begin to soap and water from a shower. As a result the cat will become aggressive, will avoid you. And can even bite or strongly scratch.

Wait a little with water procedures until you do not establish cordial trusting relationship with the pet. Also accustom him to water gradually. At first try to wipe pads and a muzzle with a damp towel, let's it get used to noise of water from the crane. Show to a cat as you water the hand from a shower that she understood that it is not terrible.


You should not snatch on a cat with embraces at once as soon as she appears at your place. First, the street animal for certain did not get used to such close contact.

Secondly, domestic cats quite often face punches, the flying stones and other manifestations of "tenderness" from people. So, reduce a distance gradually. And better allow the pet most to decide when time for rapprochement comes. One day he will jump to you on hands or will begin to rub about legs.

to Give to

a lot of love

Love and care is what so is not enough for domestic cats. When the animal appears at your place, allow it to feel important and necessary – in time you feed, you monitor availability of water, find time for games.

By the way, do not forget to talk to a cat. Perhaps, she will also not understand that you tell, but she will be pleasant to be felt as equals with the person in the house.


The severity is important for domestication of a domestic animal not less, than love. You let in a cat on the territory where she has to live by your rules. Therefore education and punishment for offenses is an obligatory program.

But do not beat a cat at all and you do not shout at her. It she saw enough much when a vein on the street. The best punishment is an ignoring and loneliness. For example, for offense it is possible to lock for half an hour the pet in the bathroom.

tray Filler

One of the key and most problematic moments of domestication of a street cat is a schooling to a tray. It is important that filler on texture resembled as much as possible sand or the earth which the animal faces in the habitat. And here silicone granules or sawdust domestic trust, most likely, will not estimate.

to Attract interest

Though life on the street and not sweet, but at domestic cats is a lot of "entertainments" – to climb on a tree, to roll about on a grass, to be driven for pigeons, to fight with other cats. And in house conditions the animal can start missing. That the cat got used to the apartment quicker, take care of its leisure – buy toys, do bows from the rustling paper, deliver couple of boxes. And surely get a kogtetochka to secure carpets, Seine and furniture against encroachments of the pet.

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