• Dec 13, 2019

Mysterious and ridiculous, self-sufficient and affectionate, cats live near the person very long time ago, but it is impossible to understand until the end of these magnificent animals. Improbable abilities are attributed to this mystical animals. Watching behavior of cats, you are convinced that they intuitively feel the nature of people, can "predict" many phenomena and events.

6 secret signs which cats prompt that the owner is waited by good luck

Makes up

If the animal does not differ in tender temper, but suddenly unexpectedly rubs about legs, purrs, lays down to the owner on knees - it is the good sign. Means, the material benefit, most likely, some new thing shortly is expected. The murlyk cannot banish at all, these can frighten off good luck.

Wants communication

When the animal looks for contact with the owner, it is necessary to caress a cat, thus it takes away to itself(himself) negative energy. If the contact between the pet and the owner is adjusted, power exchange happens easier. Perhaps, the cat feels the beginning indisposition of the person and very much blocks a way of a disease.

Pulls paws

When the cat gracefully stretches, it is possible to observe to whom she stretches sharp-clawed pads – this person is expected by good luck and success, he needs to wait for pleasant events.

Foreign cat came to the house

It is impossible to drive and offend the come animal. These small animals do not appear just like that, they come there where are really necessary. The newcomer will bring with himself something good or will take away unnecessary. If there is no opportunity to take away to the house on permanent residence, it is necessary to feed and caress the tramp.

Sneezes in the wedding day near the bride

Such sign can only be glad. The marriage will be long and happy. It is considered that fluffy murlyk can expect the future, and the sneezing cat signals – everything will be good.

Got into a bag

The cat who is looking out of a bag looks funny. Besides, such behavior of an animal says that the travel will be safe, and return will take place in time.

It is more good signs about cats, than bad. They symbolize prosperity, success in affairs and happy life. Little security guards preserve the house against negative influences and diseases.

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