• Oct 24, 2019

of Cats the most mysterious animals. Some people attribute them opportunities to communicate with the other world, to expel from the dwelling of evil spirits and brownies. Others consider them owners of sacral knowledge. Undoubtedly one – these animals are especially sensitive to power streams. They can save any dwelling from a negative.

6 situations when the strange behavior of a cat indicates a negative in the house

Arrival of a street cat to the house

Street cats come to the apartment to protect its inhabitants from negative power. People treat the animal who suddenly appeared on a threshold ambiguously. Some will shelter it, will warm and will feed, others – will banish. However the attitude towards a cat can affect life of people in the future – to the person who let in it the house, it will bring the world in family, prosperity and wellbeing.

Refusal of games and food

Cats are supersensitive to power fields. In the apartment something bad can tell lack of appetite at the pet about existence, refusal of favourite entertainments. When the cat refuses to play favourite games even with the owner, keeps watchfully, first of all it is necessary to check her health. If the animal did not get sick, then such signs can mean existence of negative aura in the house.

Looks in one point

To be convinced available negative power of the apartment, it is enough to observe behavior of an animal. It is a peculiar indicator of negative aura. Having felt power threat, the pet can look for hours in one point. At the same time people do not notice anything suspicious around or what can interest the house favourite.

Aggression towards owners

If the cat ceased to recognize the owner and hisses on him as on the stranger, it can be sign that the person brought negative power to the apartment. For disposal of negative streams it is necessary to take a shower and to wash clothes. Special attention needs to be paid to the presented or lent objects and things. They can be impregnated with destructive negative energy of "well-wisher".

Avoids any place in the house

Sometimes cats begin to avoid darling of the place in the apartment earlier. It can demonstrate to violation of power in the house. Perhaps, it is worth making shift and to get rid of some old things with negative aura.

the Pet suddenly left housing

It is considered that if the pet suddenly leaves housing, it means that the animal undertakes a part or all stream of the negative power which is present at the house. If the pet does not come back in several days, it is necessary to clean negative aura of the apartment and its residents. Perhaps, the cat will not return to the house any more. She will sacrifice herself for the sake of wellbeing and safety of the owner.

Cats not only sharply feel positive or negative energy in the house, but also are able to work with it. Power streams which can do much harm to the person are expelled by the pet out of borders of housing. The unique gift of these animals allows to keep light aura in the apartment and to protect it from a negative.

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