• Nov 8, 2019

of the Cat not only entertain and save from loneliness, but also become full members of family. Sometimes they bring upon owners trouble in the form of the scattered forage, the scratched furniture, wool on things. It is alone difficult to cope with it, especially if you have not one cat. We bring to your attention 6 smart devices which will facilitate care of fluffy favourites.

Automatic feeder

6 smart devices which will facilitate difficult life of the aelurophile

The automatic feeder is a device which gives portions of food through certain periods. Frequency of delivery is set to the discretion of the owner in advance. The device will save the favourite from overeating, and owners – from the forage scattered on the apartment. If the cat remains in the apartment one more than per day, then the automatic feeder becomes the irreplaceable assistant. Also use this device when to the pet in the medical purposes the diet and the concrete schedule of meals is appointed.

To use the device, fill in a container of the batcher of food of sterns of such volume that the cat had enough food for the period of your absence. Further you will expose the timer (frequency with which the automatic feeder will give food to the pet). The device possesses function which records and reproduces the owner's voice. Say the phrases used for an appeal of a cat to food. Then say goodbye to the pet and go on affairs.

the Fountainlet with drinking water

6 smart devices which will facilitate difficult life of the aelurophile

Cats lack water though their drinking cups are always full. It is a problem which disturbs owners of fluffy favourites. It appears, cats prefer to drink flowing water. Otstoyanny liquid in a bowl does not attract interest of pets. The streaming streams draw attention and induce to drink. In order that the cat received enough water, follow its instincts. The fountainlet with drinking water will help with it.

The device consists of two capacities for water. One is below, another – above. The electric pump pumps over water from the lower tank in top. From there liquid flows down back down. The filter which is installed in the device interferes with hit in the pump of wool and garbage. Pay attention that the mechanism was not noisy. Loud sounds frighten off cats. Choose the device with big bowls. They will allow to change water less often. Fountainlet cost – from 1500 thousand rubles.

Video nurse

6 smart devices which will facilitate difficult life of the aelurophile

This device will save pets from grief and loneliness. The video nurse is equipped both with audio, and video conference. Actions of a cat will be under your control. The device has the display. By means of it the visual contact with the favourite is come. Certain models allow to watch to cats entertainment channels for animals. The video nurse through the application copes. That is you contact to a cat by means of phone. The built-in function of a laser pointer allows not only to communicate, but also to play with the pet.

Running wheel

6 smart devices which will facilitate difficult life of the aelurophile

Cats by the nature predators therefore they need the movement. As pets live in the closed spaces, it is difficult to carry out this requirement. Thus, cats who live in apartments are exposed to obesity. It negatively affects health of the favourite.

Helps to keep physical shape and to provide the basic needs for the movement a running wheel. The exercise machine will entertain the pet and will provide quiet leisure to owners. The cat will not run on the apartment at night or in the morning. Besides, thanks to active physical activity health of the fluffy favourite will improve. Occupations on a running wheel strengthen muscles, a cardiovascular system, normalize weight.

The internal surface of a wheel is sheathed by a carpet. During run the cat grinds off claws. Therefore, you will get rid of scratches on furniture and wall-paper.

GPS tracker

6 smart devices which will facilitate difficult life of the aelurophile

Such device allows to watch cats during walk. You will not lose the pet if he wants to communicate to the fellows or will suddenly escape there where smells delicious. The tracker will save from nervousness and experiences. The geolocation of a cat is controlled through the application on the smartphone. The device has model of a collar or the compact indicator which fastens on a thong. The device will not bring discomfort to the fluffy favourite, and you will be able quietly to enjoy walk with the pet.

Fitness bracelet

6 smart devices which will facilitate difficult life of the aelurophile

The gadget controls the calories consumed by a cat, the spent energy, and all data go to the owner to phone. By means of a bracelet you watch a condition of an organism of the pet and in due time take measures for elimination of problems with health. As the device has bracelet model, it is put on to an animal as a collar. The application on which these activities of a cat arrive helps to control quantity of food which is used by the pet and also activity level.

So, above-mentioned gadgets – assistants to owners of cats. They simplify life of owners of fluffy creations and do pets happier. Thanks to smart devices the fluffy favourite will not long, annoy owners and will not remain hungry.

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