• Nov 15, 2019

the Cat lives hand in hand with the person many centuries therefore it is not surprising that in different cultures the uncountable amount of superstitions and signs is connected with this animal. It is interesting that in one country the cat of a certain color can be a harbinger of wellbeing and happiness, and in another to promise the owner absolutely opposite. We learn about six most interesting signs connected with cats in the different countries.

6 strange superstitions and signs about cats from the different countries of the world

England: black cats bring success in love

In our culture the black cat was always mystical creation. Its emergence on the way was considered as a bad sign therefore the majority at once changed the route, having only caught sight of a black tail on the horizon.

In England black cats promise happiness and fast love for the met stranger. It is considered that such cats predict strong feelings and do not stand disrespect for themselves from the person. By the way, if on a wedding celebration suddenly nearby there is a black cat who will sneeze near young couple, then it means that they will live long and happy life together.

France: if to step to a cat on a tail, then the whole year will not be appointments

In the country where the French kiss, apparently, appeared everything is connected with romanticism, passion and love. Here and cats with their hard fate of harbingers of various events did not avoid.

The French believe that if by negligence to step on a tail to some cat (to optional), then you will have no whole year of appointments. This, probably, terrible damnation for them so to caution they listen very attentively.

And here such oversight from the girl who shortly has to marry, says that it should wait a little with this joyful event at least a year.

Germany: you watch the direction of the movement of a cat

It is difficult to call Germans by the superstitious nation, however and interesting signs meet at them. For example, they always attentively look behind movements of a black cat.

If it moves from left to right, then it means that about good on the near future it is worth forgetting. The left half of a cat is a symbol of weakness and an infirmity, as waits for the careless traveler who faced this animal.

The right party is responsible for health and vital forces so the cat moving from right to left is considered sign of happiness and wellbeing.

Japan: surely greet the sneezing cat, otherwise you will not avoid a meeting with the stomatologist

The superstitious Japanese precisely knows that if near him the cat suddenly sneezes, then it should be told "hi" or "hello", otherwise the animal will send a toothache on the ill-mannered person. Agree, it is far simpler to greet, than then for months to be treated at expensive stomatologists for a toothache.

Italy: and here the sneezing cats are fortunately

In Italy the sneezing cats are harbingers of fast wellbeing and happiness. All will also greet such cat, and behind an ear will scratch, and will feed if in it there is a need. Though black cats here are still not held in big high esteem. Still are afraid of them and equate to mystical and otherworldly creations.

India: practically all cats – harbingers of failures

Perhaps, India – the richest in the superstitions connected with animals, the country. Here it is not accepted to get cats as they are a symbol of failure and trouble in the house. If the Indian sees the cat who is stealing a march on the street, then he will try to avoid with it a meeting.

To see a cat since morning – the whole day will be heavy, nothing will turn out. If the cat steals a march on the groom in the wedding day, then it is better to postpone a ceremony indefinitely. The only safe sign is the giving birth cat. Seen it soon will receive the large sum of money.

In some countries of a cat promise failures and diseases, in others – happiness and love. You should not perceive these national conjectures close to heart, if your pet brings you joy even one presence, so no superstitions should change your attitude towards him.

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