• Jan 18, 2020

Skilled owners of cats always know that is wanted at present by their pets. Except satisfaction of daily needs animals have to play, develop and feel just comfortably. Their owners share councils about what needs to be done if you wish to please the most exacting inventor with pleasure.

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of the Puzzle with food

The experts conducting researches in the University of California some time ago drew interesting conclusions: cats prefer to get independently food, even in case are under the care of the owner.

However, the Japanese designers anticipated results of an experiment. In the market there were puzzles long ago with delicacies which need to manage to be pulled out before eating. As a rule, it something like a plastic container with the button or a labyrinth, the special compartment of a toy is filled previously with pieces of delicacies.

of the Toy, imitating hunting

Traditional clockwork mice still in the price. Multi-colored rodents learned to behave almost the same as their wild prototypes: they fervently wave tails, maneuvre and change the speed of the movement. But representatives cat's as the centuries-old experience which is written down in genes, you will not dismiss win usually.

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Recently in online stores there were plates with the mouse which is jumping out on a spring or a small fish. This toy just fascinated cats: you can not doubt that it by all means will be pleasant to the pet.

And here inside it is easy to make a box with openings and balls most. This simple entertainment will remind a cat that she is a born breadwinner therefore surely has to try to get a desired subject from a mink.

Caress on demand

Often work prevents to spend time with the pet and houses of cares enough. But it is important to cat to be with the owner, to play and communicate.

Stroke your favourite, scratch her fluffy skin — it will not take a lot of time, and the established connection and positive emotions wholly will reward you for patience and desire to spend for the pet of force and time.


One of important additions to an interior for fans of pets, certainly, a kogtetochka: to the owner it will help to keep furniture in original state, to a cat — to sharpen claws if necessary. The product is necessary for cats not only for reduction of claws in an order, but also for stress relief, leaving of tags, pandiculations after a dream.

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The cat quickly gets used to a certain place in the apartment, ceases to spoil sofas and chairs. Wall-paper will remain in integrity too, to remove covers from nails in the civilized way much more pleasantly.

of the Application for cats

First place in a top of applications for cats out of competition is won by a laser pointer or a mouse. It is extremely difficult to finish this game: developed a hunting instinct forces the pet to return to it again and again.

Entertainment options a set — sometimes the owner has an opportunity to operate subject to hunting: dragonfly, small fish or bug. It is so possible both have fun and to check reaction speed: it is possible that at the cat possessing data by nature it is much higher.

"Cleverer" applications exist for determination of the state of health of your ward. In several minutes it is possible to learn, whether the pet should get posterity: the program will declassify all its genetic problems if those are available.

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Balanced food

Most of owners of animals do not want to worry about cooking for them and buy ready food in shop. This decision is correct only if the forage is made for a cat by certain rules and contains all components recommended by the nutritionist.

To your pet the protein, calcium, liquid vegetable oils containing vitamin E and polynonsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A for good sight and also cellulose — for digestion improvement, iron, phosphorus and zinc are vital.

Cats need to give enough vegetables, for example, boiled corn, a cauliflower, potatoes, vegetable marrows and green peas. Fermented milk products are useful.

Do not forget that each animal has specific features, and councils of the experienced doctor-veterinarian concerning a diet of the pet are simply irreplaceable.

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