• Sep 11, 2019

Is things which are capable to discompose even the quietest cat. One and all pets in certain situations feel discomfort and show discontent with all possible ways, including hooliganism. Here six most frequent reasons of nervous behavior of domestic cats.

6 things which enrage and irritate your cat

Dirty tray

At cats excellent sense of smell, besides they are clean. Therefore dirty and badly the smelling tray is especially unpleasant to them. If in time not to replace filler, the pet will inform on the discontent with loud miaow.

The cat has disgust for an unpeeled toilet and reluctantly goes to it. Once you few times ignore a persistent request to bring order, the pet will not bear and will begin to look for other place where it is possible to celebrate need. It is quite probable that it will be a carpet or a basket of a plant louse of fresh linen. And it is not revenge. The sense of smell of a cat 14 times stronger human is simple, and the fact that it seems to us not such accident, for our favourite can be the real torture.

the Spoiled food in a bowl

Cats hate the spoiled products. Stale canned food not only badly smells, they also are unhealthy the pet. From rotten food toxins and pathogenic bacteria can get to an organism: colibacillus, staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella.

It is important to remember that canned food is stored at the room temperature not for long. It is worth getting them just before feeding and to impose no more single portion in a bowl. During a heat it is impossible to leave canned food longer than for 20 minutes, otherwise they will begin to spoil.

Special attention should be paid to feeding of kittens. At them the immunity did not get stronger yet, they will carry any illness heavier. An optimal variant — to give to kids on a tablespoon of canned food each three hours and not to leave unfinished food.

Persuasive strokings

In everything it is necessary to know when to stop. Cats are independent and not always need society of the person. If the pet does not make contact and does not respond to caress, it is not necessary to be imposed. Still it should be taken into account that some cats are very sensitive to tactile irritants. The favourite can quietly lie on hands and give itself to iron, and in the next minute with irritation to jump and escape.

What caress is most pleasant to cats? It is the safest to iron pets in the head and a neck, other touches can be for them unacceptable. At first it is necessary to be limited to caress in this zone, and then it is possible to try to stroke a cat on a back or a stomach. But if she begins to behave aggressively and to show discontent, it is worth remembering that was not pleasant to it and not to repeat mistakes.

Loud sounds

Cats love rest and silence. That for us a holiday, for them — a huge stress. The celebration is followed by noisy fun, laughter, and still outside the window sometimes let off fireworks. The cat will definitely not share the general enthusiasm. Most likely, he will be killed under a bed somewhere and will suffer there. Many cats are frightened by a thunderstorm, and to someone cotton of a door or even suffices loudly working TV.

The stress in cats is caused not only by loud sounds and noise. Still travmatichny for them family quarrels. The pet sees how his favourite owners shout at each other, and cannot find any peace. Be not surprised if any time after the conflict the cat avoids you.

Pungent smells

The supersensitive nose for a cat is at the same time both a reliable reference point, and a damnation. The pet on a smell can track down production or define freshness of food, but when in the house too sharp aroma appears, it is necessary a cat heavy. Her olfactory receptors are extremely angry that badly affects mood. Be not surprised if perfume with perfume, and the cat will begin to escape, hiss and be scratched in attempt to take it on hands. Spices and detergents with a strong smell will cause discontent of the pet too.

When laugh at them

Cats are bright animals, they perfectly catch mood of the owner. Many owners of cats claim that their pet understands when laugh at him, and very much takes offense. There are no scientific proofs, but also it is impossible to deny such probability.

It is quite possible that pets are really capable to distinguish a sneer, and it is unpleasant to them not less ours. Especially, cats by the nature proud and selfish. There is also other explanation: any sharp sounds frighten and irritate pets. Laughter just gets to this category therefore noise per se can be the cause of discontent of a cat.

If you noticed that your cat behaves uneasily recently, try to establish the reason and to eliminate a stress source. Not only your spoiled relations suspended curtains and the dirtied corners, but also serious injuries can become result of a nerve strain of the pet. The cat driven to despair is capable to show aggression to the person.

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