• Nov 29, 2019

of the Cat – some of the most popular pets. They such soft, fluffy and purring. But there are reasons for which many people prefer to refuse acquisition of the four-footed pet, kind of they dreamed of it. Here the most widespread of them.

7 reasons not to get a cat

Fear of infections

Cats can be carriers of various infectious diseases. Especially those who are on free walking. These infections are dangerous both to the most animal, and to the person. Happens that symptoms, are not shown at a cat but only at the owner if he caught.

Are distinguished from serious diseases:

  • Toxoplasmosis. At an animal symptoms can not be shown, and at the person to mask under symptoms of other pathologies.
  • Infection with helminths. Occurs at the wrong hygiene and it is possible even in case the cat is domestic.
  • Rage. Dangerously to wild cats and those who are on self-walking.
  • Deprive. Has the fungal nature.

The most part of problems is solved by sterilization of an animal and refusal of walks on the street and also timely vaccination. Also observance of elementary rules of hygiene about which owners of animals sometimes forget will not prevent.


Present a situation: you got a desired cat, but through some time you or at someone from house had an itch, constant cold, sneezing or even suffocation. First of all the allergy to cat's wool will occur. And as you will return the pet here, he already became a family member. The thought that he will lose the house, brings tortures.

Therefore many people who have a predisposition to development of an allergy prefer to remain away from animals of any kind. If at you similar symptoms were never shown, and you dream of a cat, all the same in advance make sure that there are no problems. Make tests or longer communicate to animals in the house of friends.

Damage of furniture and repair

Cats accurate to call difficult. Extent of destructions which you from them suffer in case of acquisition depends on several factors:

  1. Character of the pet. Each of them is a personality, and therefore can differ in behavior from representatives of the cat family already famous to you.
  2. Education. If you did not establish borders legal at once, then be not surprised that the cat will establish them.
  3. Way of life. There is an animal on self-walking or lives only in the apartment without walks on the street.
  4. Age of the pet. Young cats are more active and playful.
  5. Security of the pet with various kogtedralka and toys-pogryzushkami.

Some pieces of furniture: wall-paper, curtains, doors will precisely suffer from the newly made family member. But you can watch a cat, train and bring up him, get at once a little когтеточек and enough toys. Do not forget that domestic cats especially need active games as do not spend the energy on the street. Play with the pet as often as possible, not less than 15-20 minutes a day.

For many these conditions do not match own zone of comfort in any way. Such people prefer to offer a pet to please of life in the apartment with smart repair or leather furniture (but alone).

Sleepless nights

Cats are night hunters. The high activity in night-time is for them norm. It affects also owners. To cats it is necessary not only to run and jump to a ceiling, but also to do it in the company with the best friend – you.

You lay down to have a sleep after a difficult working week. Be ready that the cat will come to play four o'clock in the morning with a request and will express it loud miaow and footfall on all apartment. He in a day managed to get enough sleep so he is young, beautiful and full of energy what you will not tell about the tired owner.

Of course, it occurs not always. There are animals in whose breed the laziness and reticence is put. They will better take a nap near the owner or just walk round the apartment, examining each corner.

People who have heard a lot about such feature of four-footed robbers prefer to refuse acquisition of problems for the mode of a dream and rest. They could not be blamed, work as a time can exhaust the remains of forces, even on itself there is no time left.

Lack of financial stability

By big delusion will consider that keeping of a cat manages cheap. This animal, but not a soft toy. It needs worthy leaving, he needs to be fed with a good forage, to treat in due time, to periodically put inoculations, to buy toys.

For people with changeable earnings who do not know whether they will be able to provide themselves tomorrow acquisition of a cat is impossible. It is good when they understand all degree of financial responsibility for the pet and prefer to refuse a cat in the house for the time being. But some, despite the modest budget, all the same bring the pet. It becomes one of the reasons of such quantity of the thrown animals in shelters and on streets.

is Not enough time

If in your life work is on the first place, then refuse acquisition of a cat better. These are living beings who, entering the house, become full members of family. If you prefer to travel, but not to sit in one place, then this pet not for you.

The lack of attention not only is reflected in the relations with an animal, but also on his health. Some pets so strongly miss the owner that they are depressed, lose appetite, begin to lose weight and to be ill. So choose: active holiday or favourite pet.

Unwillingness to take responsibility

Not all are ready to responsibility, whether it be acquisition of an animal or the child's birth. Some people will better light free evening to a visit of cinema or a trip to the country, than will lead him to the companies of a cat.

Any pet, whether it be a cat, a dog or even a hamster is a heavy responsibility and considerable financial investments. People who are not ready to spend for a good forage or an inoculation for the favourite prefer to refuse acquisition of an animal. They appreciate the comfort so the pet can become a burden.

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