• Dec 31, 2019

Many owners of pets faced that cats leave the house and do not come back. The set of signs is connected with it.

7 reasons for which your cat can leave the house and not return

does not feel safe

The cat periodically feels need to take refuge in the quiet and safe place where she can have a rest, knowing that nobody will intrude upon her leisure. But sometimes it happens that the house this place is not. For example, when in the house there is a child or a dog – constant hvataniye for a tail, noisy games or bark drive an animal in a condition of a stress.

The cat prepares for appearance of kittens – some owners react to pregnancy of a cat negatively. Abuse when she feels sick, roughly extend by the scruff from a case if she decided to retire there, or with shout drive from a bed – for fear that it will be delivered on bed linen. This behavior lets a cat know that in the house her posterity will not be in safety, and she will leave to look for the place more reliably. However, in certain cases the cat comes back, but already together with the grown-up brood when understands that kittens are able to stand for themselves.

Has a presentiment of the end

Still being wild animals, cats left far away from the habitat when had a presentiment of the death. It allowed them to protect the fellows from big predators that come to a smell of blood and decomposition. The same instinct works also at pets – for example, the elderly cat can leave the house as soon as understands that its days are in this world considered.

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was not pleasant the new house

It happens to canine friends and in the following cases.

You picked up an animal from the street – a cat that the most part of life lived on the street, will hardly estimate homeliness, kind of you tried. For it your house – prison which there is a wish, as soon as possible to leave to appear in the habitual environment.

Earlier the cat was on self-walking, but now there is no such opportunity. For example, you lived in a private country house where the cat could lie down on a porch and get warm on the sun, but moved to the city apartment where the nature maximum for a cat is a window sill or a balcony. There is nothing surprising that the animal will want to return there where to it it was comfortable. It is remarkable, but such "poteryashka" quite often find on the previous residence.

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The cat fell a victim of neglect. Moving is a vain occupation. Also it seems that the pet can wait with games and caress, boxes are not sorted yet and furniture is not placed. The animal during this period is in a condition of a stress. The unfamiliar place, unfamiliar smells, around noise and hubbub, and the favourite owner does not pay attention to it. Zoopsychologists recommend not to leave after moving an animal for a long time alone and to take a cat with themselves, even passing from the room to the room. So it will be easier for it to get used to change of a situation and to establish relationship of cause and effect "owner house".


The unhealthy competition between pets for attention of the owner – one of common causes on which cats run away from the house. Mainly it occurs when the person brings the new pet, but at the same time neglects rules of acquaintance of animals with each other. He presents the former favourite with a fait accompli that now it should share a tidbit with someone else. As a result, weaker submits to stronger and leaves "others" territory.


In the house where constantly shout, rustle and roar, to a cat can be not only it is uncomfortable, but also it is terrible. Hardly someone will want to live in such situation, especially to such fragile being as a young kitty.

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The fear can also drive a cat away from the house if she accidentally dropped out of a window or ran out in an entrance. A rumble of cars, voices of strangers – all this forces to run at full speed searching though some shelter.

Wards off a disaster from the house

Now we will address esoterics and we will remember that cats were always considered as allies of witches. There is a national sign according to which cats leave to ward off a disaster from the master's house. Some told how they recovered from a serious illness or left "a black strip" practically right after disappearance of the favourite.

Seven is expected by replenishment

"The cat left – made room for the new resident", – our ancestors so considered. According to this belief, after inexplicable disappearance of a cat in family the long-awaited child has to be born soon. The leaving the pet releases power space in the house.

Not always the owner is able to prevent escape of the pet from the house. The sincere organization of a cat is thin and sensitive to the slightest, almost intangible changes – therefore motives of her acts are not always clear to the person.

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