• Dec 2, 2019

the Woman — mysterious and unpredictable creation. And, perhaps, the only living being who can be compared to it is a cat. Beauty, grace and mysterious inexplicability — lines which unite the woman and an independent, capricious animal. Contrary to the principle of an attraction of contrasts, cats give preference in communication to women.

7 reasons why cats love women more, than men


Between the woman and a cat the thin emotional connection is formed. It is not surprising: the biological structure of a cat's brain is much closer to human, than, for example, than dog. Its similar sites are responsible for emotions of both. The loving hostess intuitively feels mood of the favourite, without words understanding what she wants.

To the sixth sense both listen much more more often than to a reason voice. Representatives cat's, several years living with the hostess, come into close contact at the subconscious level. The hostess should be unwell a little as the house favourite not worse than the skilled doctor hurries to the aid. The cat unmistakably defines a sore point and lays down on it, trying to warm.

the Big need for tactile contact, than at men

One of explanations of cat's affection for the woman — her need for tactile contact. Women much more men need communication with the touch help. Most often the woman the first reaches for an animal to stroke or scratch behind an ear. Its rushes are identical to desire and need of a cat for constant caress.

More melodious voice

After short separation from the owner fluffy members of household greedily "tell" the hostess as they spent day, complain of house and in every possible way express the attachment. In such scenes the most amusing the fact that the woman answers a cat as though understanding about what that purrs.

The melodious voice of the hostess, a soft manner of communication are pleasant to an animal much more, than sounding of a male voice. In consciousness of a cat the male voice often is associated with pain, fear. It is partly connected with the fact that most of veterinarians — males. Getting to the doctor, the fluffy hardly realizes need of treatment, but at the same time builds the associative array: fear — a male voice — pain. And rancor — the known line of cat's character.

Less strict

Pets do not take out violence in no shape or form though often deserve a good scolding for the tricks. How the cat behaved, the woman will treat more tolerantly her whims and offenses therefore punishment for the spoiled slippers or theft of sausage will be much softer.

are at home More often

The woman and a cat are united by love to heat and comfort. And if in the house the hostess is engaged in comfort, then for the fluffy ally her presence is directly connected with a cosiness. So historically it developed that on the woman the house and economy therefore she stays at home more often that very much is pleasant to her favourite keeps. Also does not matter whether the hostess makes a dinner, removes or has a rest — the cat the assistant will be near always.

talk More

Scientists claim that women talk three times more men. At the same time there is no difference to whom they talk. If to support dialogue there is nobody, the fluffy girlfriend can quite become an interlocutor.

The garrulity of the favourite hostess, continuous sounding of a melodious voice affect a cat soothingly and compensate for the attention deficiency to her person.

Offer more varied food

Perhaps, the most powerful reason why cats choose women — tasty food. The man who will carefully select a forage for the favourite will seldom meet, considering age, wool length, seasonality, distinguishing sauces and vitamin supplements. The "aelurophiles" loving the fluffy miracle make the choice with ease, without forgetting to treat pets with additional delicacy. Wishing to indulge a kitty with a special entertainment, owners prepare for her separate dishes. And the animal vigilantly monitors preparation process, inhaling favourite aromas.

Counter to classical "The Lady with the Dog", the cat became the faithful girlfriend and the companion of the woman, having personified qualities of the grateful listener, the psychotherapist and means from loneliness. However, this couple has one more uniting purpose — conquest of the world! And to its achievement they persistently move, holding hands. Or for pads.

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