• Aug 30, 2019

of the Cat – animals very proud and independent, they walk in itself, but also not to do them without care of the owner. The main problem in care of any animal consists that they are not capable to tell about the problems. Therefore we will consider 7 main mistakes in care of cats.

7 worst things which you can make for the cat

to Put water near food

Cats love fresh cool water more, than that which staid in a bowl the whole day therefore it is necessary to change it as often as possible, ideally – several times a day. It is not recommended to put water near a bowl with a forage for the reason that so it will become soiled much quicker. Particles of food and wool will begin to get to a bowl, and it will be unpleasant to animal to drink such water because of what the pet can even get dehydration. At some owners of a cat drink directly from under the crane or from a toilet bowl. It should not be, such behavior is the first sign of too fast pollution of water in a bowl, so, it is worth beginning to change it slightly more often than earlier.

to Buy

a small bowl

The size of a bowl has to be such that at meal time the pet did not concern edges of ware even tips of short moustaches, otherwise is from such bowl to an animal will be uncomfortable. It is important to pay attention and to depth also: capacity has to be such that at meal time the cat had not to thrust the head into ware completely. It will bring certain inconveniences and the pet will begin to eat less or will begin to pull out food from the ware and to take away it about the room.

to Cut a fluffy cat

A hairstyle for cats – a huge stress therefore you should not use similar services if in them there is no need. It is recommended to resort to hairstyles only in that case when on wool koltuna appear and they cannot be untangled any in a different way or, for example, the veterinarian asks to exempt any part of the body of an animal from hair for rendering medical assistance.

During full removal of wool receiving probability a pet of a solar burn many times increases even if it just lies at a window in beams of not too hot sun. If the animal too strongly fades, it is necessary to comb out periodically it and to bathe time in several months.

to Delete or cut off claws

Experienced veterinarians do not advise to cut off to cats nails without special need. Any problem can always be solved otherwise. If the cat sharpens nails about furniture and by that spoils it probably to it simply there is no place to do it more or the place allocated for this purpose is not convenient. If the animal is scratched, so it something discontentedly and it it is just necessary to leave alone. Full removal of claws is prohibited by the law at all. During this operation the phalanx of fingers will be amputated completely that will bring severe pain or discomfort during the movement even after full healing.

to Put one tray in the house where there live several cats

In the presence of several cats in one house, each of them surely has to have a complete set of the personal belongings. The general trays for a toilet, bowls and stove benches will be not enough, otherwise one of them surely will begin to prove to be "the owner in the house". In attempts to prove the superiority and to dominate, animals will begin to fight, spoil things and to behave aggressively not only on the relation to each other, but also to owners.

to Allow a cat to sleep on the battery

At insufficiently comfortable air temperature in the house cats like to settle to get warm near the heated battery or directly on it. The sensitivity to sharp temperature drops at cats is much lower, than at the person therefore the pet will understand not at once that temperature of a stove bench is too high and the long time will contact to the heated subject. It is necessary to secure a cat against similar troubles: to fence batteries, to put from above plaids or not to allow an animal to approach them at all. Otherwise, the pet can receive overheating of internals, especially when it has too short wool.

to Release

an animal on the street without supervision

Walks of domestic cats, especially independent – not only a stress for them, but also big danger. The animal can be frightened of something and escape, face a dog or get under the car wheels, "pick up" various diseases: from small parasites and viruses to poisonings with substances, poisonous for animals. If desired it is possible to walk a pet on a breast-band – it much more safely, besides, it is necessary to carry out in due time vaccination and to process periodically the animal walking on the street from ticks and fleas.

It is worth remembering these 7 worst things for pets and never to repeat them. Then the cat will pay back the owner with love, devotion and excellent health.

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