• Aug 18, 2019

Having decided to get a cat, most of people begin to choose breed at once and to look for manufacturers. But you should not forget that at this moment of the fate the inhabitants of shelters deprived of love and caress wait. The decision to take an animal from a shelter – not just kindness gesture. For this purpose there are several good reasons.

8 reasons to take a cat from a shelter

you save someone's life

Every year a great number of animals lull only because the shelter is crowded, and the new owners ready to take care of the pet are not. The quantity of death can be reduced if as much as possible people do not begin to buy an animal in pet-shop or from manufacturers, and will take themselves the favourite in a shelter. Such act is worthy respect, someone's life will be saved.

you see that grew

Even having had a talk with the manufacturer and having read information on temper of a certain breed, it is impossible to foresee that will grow from a fluffy lump. Some cats have a nasty character which not to correct education. At the same time it is absolutely unimportant what breed the pet treats.

In a shelter itself can choose the favourite proceeding from own preferences. One to liking the phlegmatic mattress adoring purring on a lap, and to others – the playful tease ready to run the whole day. The curator will in detail tell about behavioural features of a cat, about what he eats and as far as likes to communicate with people.

is easier to look after an adult cat

Many think that it is better to take a little kitten from whom it is possible to bring up an ideal pet. But in reality it becomes clear that to accustom the kid to a tray and firm food it is not so simple. In the course of training many home decoration can be hopelessly spoiled. Kittens actively learn the world, they cut teeth because of what animals gnaw wires and other objects. And if in the house there are small children, they can accidentally do much harm to a fragile cub, having pulled it for a pad or having dropped.

The adult cat who contained in a shelter is already accustomed to a toilet and quietly contacts to people. Its character is built completely up and balanced. Such animals are castrated therefore it is possible not to be afraid of heart-rending night cries and odorous tags.

Wide choice

The shelter contains animals of the various sizes and colors. Everyone will be able to choose the favourite from this variety to liking. Even thoroughbred cats who escaped from the house or were thrown out because at owners the allergy to wool was shown come across.

Can recognize a cat before taking home

Employees of a shelter possess information on character of each of the wards. The cat is allowed to be taken on hands, to stroke. Happens that the contact between a cat and her future owners returns to normal instantly.


That who does not plan to breed thoroughbred animals or to participate in exhibitions, it is more reasonable to save money for a travel, and the pet to take from a shelter. There it is possible to find the animal who is not conceding on beauty to individuals of "blue blood". Even if in a shelter the cat looks a little sadly, it is possible not to doubt – the caress and care will change it, will make a subject of pride and admiration.

the Pet under observation of the veterinarian

Each animal who got to a shelter is surely vaccinated, processed from worms and fleas. Therefore it is not necessary to allocate money from the personal budget for holding all these important procedures. Adult animals get to new owners already sterilized and castrated. These cats successfully transferred the postoperative period and it is not necessary to be afraid for their health.

Support of a shelter

Shelters are overloaded by millions of homeless animals. The person who took in the house of one cat makes room for other pets. The second chance can appear at several animals at once, it is necessary to allocate funds for the maintenance of each of which. Shelters save the thrown animals from death therefore support of their activity – a noble act.

It is much better to take the cat from a shelter who is looking forward meetings with new owners, than to buy the pet from manufacturers, the engaged animal husbandry for the sake of profit. It will allow to find the true friend who will never forget the kindness shown concerning him.

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