• Sep 14, 2019

Coming on a visit to the happy owner of a cat, many people authoritatively say: "You too much allow it, he should not feel like the host!". Up to the end to understand behavior of owners of pets, once you independently get a cat, and you will notice some changes in the behavior.

8 strange things which are well familiar to owners of cats

to Them should hide toilet paper

This hygienic accessory actually is a subject of desire of teeth and claws of many pets. Options of its application in the game purposes can be limited only to imagination of a cat. Someone just unwinds a roll and loses to it interest, and someone cannot calm down until paper turns into a heap of small pieces. In addition to everything it is possible to carry them on all apartment that the house turned into the real paper kingdom. Great!

Cats sleep constantly, but only not at 5 in the morning

Night races on the apartment — one more favourite entertainment of pets having a tail. Who knows what unknown force forces them to be started up in a pursuit of invisible production in pre-dawn hour, but to do it it is necessary loudly and with all return. Why in general to the owner to sleep when his cat represents a ball of fire and playful mood?

Never you know

whether the cat wants to caress or bite

A Secunda ago you lovely caressed with the favourite, and he trustfully held up a stomach under your strokings, and now he furiously bites into your hand and scratches it all four paws. Practically all owners of cats at least once came up against such situation. Sometimes pets just play and cannot distinguish easy manifestations of feelings from the real attack. At such moments with cats it is worth being more careful and not to provoke aggression by random motions of hands.

do not go to a toilet because the cat comfortably settled on them

These inflows of tenderness and trembling fear to intrude upon leisure something remind the relations between lovers. Actually, when the cat is displaced by a ball and falls asleep, with pleasure purring, even people in whom tenderness and sentimentality in relation to animals is not inherent do not decide to disturb him. At these moments of people feels special proximity and trust from the pet.

Use a cat as a pillow, but leaning only slightly that not to press down it

All of us sometimes need to feel heat and presence of the living being nearby, especially in cold lonely evenings. A cozy sleepy ball — an excellent soft pillow on which you feel tenderness and rest. Here only the head always should be held suspended inadvertently not to press down the pet. However, in case of inconveniences the cat will definitely not begin to suffer, but can declare it not absolutely politely, for example, having seized teeth hair.

Solve together whether the cat wants to leave the room

One more situation against which many owners of pets came up: a cat, long and lingeringly hypnotizing a door, accompanying it with plaintive miaow. Can seem that the animal wants to leave. But just to remove a barrier in the form of the closed door often it appears insufficiently. You should pougovarivat properly a cat before he deigns to leave or will make the final decision to remain in the room.

Cats can notice a baby bird on the neighboring house, but not see food in a bowl

You feed a cat strictly according to the schedule, and at present he is precisely hungry, but here you offer it a full bowl of a forage, and he looks at you in perplexity. On what only admonitions go owners of animals to draw their attention to food: to knock on a bowl, to move it closer, to call a cat different nicknames and in the ways, to imitate process of meal, to persuade the pet to eat … Eventually the cat indifferently will be accepted to absorption of delicacy, being perplexed why you reproach him with a long prelude.

Stroke a cat wrong way and laugh how ridiculously it looks now

All of us know that cats terribly do not love stroking against wool, and we teach children not to do it by no means. But sometimes we cannot keep tousling the fluffy favourite and to show all results of the overindulgence. Cats so often become a reason for a smile!

Only with the advent of a cat you will understand that many actions which seemed to you strange before is absolutely normal behavior of the owner of a fluffy source of happiness.

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