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the White cat with blue eyes – a dream of many fans of these animals. And there is no wonder. The beautiful kitty with such color is associated with purity and a cosiness, and in combination with blue eyes she will not leave indifferent anybody. The pet will force to admire even the most inveterate opponents of these animals.

Characteristics of Breeds of White Cats with Blue Eyes
the White cat with blue eyes – a dream of these many fans животных

Характеристики animal

For a white color of wool and also such pigment is responsible as it melanotsit for color of eyes. If the percent of this substance in an iris of the eye is high, the pet will be with brown or with yellow eyes, at an average value – with green, and at low – with blue. Colour of wool in many respects depends on a family tree of cats.

To predict appearance of such pets it is very difficult, even in case of crossing of absolutely snow-white representatives there is no guarantee or full confidence that their kittens will also have a similar color. Existence of various spots and even completely gray kids is possible. And if in some brood there were cats of other flowers, such variation can be shown even through several generations.

Characteristics of Breeds of White Cats with Blue Eyes

Buying a white kitten, it is necessary to remember that the gene which is responsible for an unusual color influences also development of acoustic cages. It interferes with normal development of organs of hearing because of what such cat breeds often differ in deafness. Researches show that about 50% of pets with blue eyes are hearing-impaired, at the same time their owners can not know it even. But bad hearing or its total absence at cats of a white color is compensated by good development of other sense organs. For example , by means of moustaches the animal can distinguish vibrations in a voice of the person by which it determines the owner.

Also such option when the cat with different eyes (the breed provides also similar succession of events) worse hears that ear from which there is an organ of vision of blue color is possible. But is more often raznoglazy there are spotty pets, and the white cat in the nature meets these features extremely seldom. It is possible to find such representative, but the person has to study his family tree thoroughly.

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of the Kind of favourites

There are different breeds of white cats. There are types of which blue color of eyes is characteristic, but are known also with its various variations. The same can be told about wool. Besides, such representatives can be as lop-eared, and with direct ears. Most often can meet the following breeds of white cats:

  1. Turkish angora. In most cases representatives of a look are painted in white color, with blue or yellow eyes.
  2. British white . In combination with blue eyes meets extremely seldom.
  3. Oriental breed. cat with green eyes can be strong> Krom of blue. Happen long-haired and short-haired.
  4. Persian . According to the standard Persians have round blue eyes and long wool, but a variety of shades and breed quite widespread is possible here.
  5. Scottish Fold. both the big and round visual device of brown or blue color Has small ears with the lowered tips. As well as all Scots (pryamoukhy or lop-eared), it clever and quiet.
  6. Burmese . Treats that look which representatives steadily have blue eyes.
  7. Siamese . Has exclusively blue color of the visual device.
  8. Russian white. the Rare breed, but concedes nothing to the ancestor of the Russian blue.
  9. Javanese . Its feature – an almond-shaped form of a pupil.
  10. Kao-attracts . It is always a white cat, the breed can differ in blue or different eyes. At representatives heterochromia when one of organs of vision blue, and another – yellow, is more rare – green or gray is often observed.

It is not all list of breeds of white cats which can have blue eyes. All of them are very expensive. It is impossible to tell that there is some certain cat breed with different eyes, just such phenomenon is more widespread among some types.

Characteristics of Breeds of White Cats with Blue Eyes

Care of pets

If the kitten of one of above-mentioned breeds really was pleasant, it is necessary to understand that such animal demands special leaving. First of all, special attention should be paid on its snow-white wool. That the pet kept the faultless look, he should be bathed often, at the same time cannot use shampoo with the tinting effect at all. Wool needs to be dried the hair dryer, if it is wet, then to it dust will quickly stick. Long wool needs to be combed every day.

If a cat of the deaf, then it is necessary to walk him with extra care and not to release on the street alone. He can react not so well to external irritants as animals with normal hearing. The tray for them should not be low that paws and a stomach were not soiled. Besides, it is worth paying attention and to animal food, it directly influences a shade and a condition of wool.

Characteristics of Breeds of White Cats with Blue Eyes

Name and magic purpose

It is worth calling such unpredictable animal taking into account his features. Moura or Vasya will obviously not suit it. And here the thoroughbred and long name will be just right. It is necessary for a performance at exhibitions. But houses the animal is better to call by the short reduced name, for example:

  • A fork – Violetta;
  • Felka – Ophelia;
  • Arney – Arnold;
  • Missie – Michelangelo.

Characteristics of Breeds of White Cats with Blue Eyes

Practically always women are fans of cats. It is clear, they something are similar: both are graceful, capricious and freedom-loving. The pet is considered the guard of the house, watches closely an emotional condition of the owner. If the black representative – always the assistant to the angry sorcerer, then a white look bears with himself only good power.

Such animal species are allocated with ability to treat the owner. Specialists esotericists claim what does it the favourite either specially, or involuntarily. Most often white cats brightly react to gynecologic problems of the woman (cancer or other tumors). The favourite is a guarantor of the good family relations and also acts as the defender of small children of the owner.

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Before bringing the pet at whom all listed features and characteristics are noted it is necessary to think well, this animal selects a lot of time, forces and money. Beautiful white cats with different eyes are always an indicator of wellbeing and a cosiness in the house, and their variety will help to choose that breed which to liking to the person. Whether it be the quiet white lop-eared cat, playful and aristocratical pryamoukhy, short-haired or long-haired in combination with blue pupils or a white cat with different eyes, will always please an animal with the unusual beauty.

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