• Dec 26, 2018

Zoologists daily open new cat breeds, more than one hundred already have the name. But about 600 versions remain unknown. Animals distinguish on length of wool, paws and a tail, a coloring and physical characteristics. At each type the habits and habits, a certain temperament, features of food and leaving, medical examination and treatment.

Cat breeds

Short-haired breeds

Cats with a short fur coat prefer warm climate. It is better to support them in the house, having equipped a berth near the battery or other source of heat. Animals do not love moisture and drafts, are not choosy in food. Popular breeds of short-haired cats:

  • the Bengalese;
  • Bombay;
  • Havana;
  • Egyptian Mau;
  • мэнкс;
  • blue Russian;
  • savanna;
  • ekzota.

Cat breeds

The Bengalese breed initially was on the verge of extinction, but the geneticist of Mylae could bring one representative to America. The cat quickly got accustomed, but her stern temper corresponds to a wild color. The Bombay cat reminds a panther — black short wool, change of color of eyes from blue on light yellow, elegance and softness of movements with age. The animal is talkative, but the low voice will not disturb owners.

Ambitious Havana differ in a graceful constitution, a beautiful uniform chocolate color of wool. The character of the extrovert lines the owner to buy one more cat for the grumbling company. The Egyptian Mau has a distinctive feature — letter "M" on a forehead and a black rim around eyes. Shooters of "make-up" fall long lines by cheekbones. Short wool is painted in silvery color and evenly covered with dark round stains.

From the Isle of Man cats without tails extended. They lived in the wild nature until they were not noticed by geneticists. Then Menks began to part actively, but not all kittens are born without shoot. Its length fluctuates in four stages from 0 to XL. At an animal long paws, a round muzzle with large ears, and the tailbone is covered with a wool bunch. The character very tender and obedient, the pet easily gets on with adults and children.

The Russian blue attracts with unusual color of a fur coat, the expressed qualities of the hunter and ability to survive also in the warm house, and on the street. Cats of breed the savanna in devotion compete with dogs. The hybrid of a pet and the African serval differs in fearless character, love to freedom.

Artificially removed ekzota were fallen in love for childly naive expression of a muzzle at once. They are very charming, tender and kind.

Cats with a semi-long fur coat

Semi-long-haired animals can live in cool climate. Usually they thickset, quickly gain weight, do not demand special leaving or food. of Breed which are pleasant to fans of cats:

Thoroughbred Cats

  • лаперм;
  • манчкин;
  • Maine Coon;
  • Nevsky maskaradny;
  • oriyentala;
  • the Siberian;
  • Highland фолд.

American and east laperma differ in wavy wool and strange reticence. Even if to a cat it will be sore, she does not make a sound. Animal very tender and careful, with pleasure spend time with the owner. The smiling cats манчкин is a find for those who constantly long. Very short paws force the pet to become on back extremities and to jump by means of a push of a powerful tail. Such behavior they remind a kangaroo.

Representatives of breed the Maine Coon is huge cats with powerful paws and brushes on ears. By the size of a body and fluffy tail they remind raccoons therefore in the homeland — in the USA — they were nicknamed raccoon-like. The Nevsky maskaradny are considered as beauty queens among cats. They have bright blue eyes, a poyntovy color. It is heavy to communicate with it as an animal very proud, but it does not remember offenses and will be tender to the owner.

The sustained cat's nature of oriyental — an example for imitation. They give the opposite vote in especially exceptional cases. In the childhood the pet will ugly behave: to scratch wall-paper, to gnaw furniture and to tear curtains at windows. But with age the cat becomes graceful, distinguished and graceful.

Lop-eared Cat

Hair of the Siberian animal is adapted for cold weather, does not pass moisture and allows it to keep youth long. The huge advantage of this breed of kittens — hypoallergenicity. As a result of crossing of strayt and the British the surprising representative Highland фолд turned out. Short ears, massive paws are combined with semi-long wool and an expressive muzzle.

Fluffy pets

It is heavy to look after long-haired cats, all textile products become covered with their fur. But they well transfer frosts and like to walk in snow weather on the street. Expressive breeds of fluffy pets:

  • Himalayas;
  • the Persian.

Features of Keeping of Cats

The Himalaya animals resemble Persian superficially, but their wool is more similar to a color of siam. They are very mobile, even adult individuals like to be played. The tender character, a lovely muzzle, love to heat attracts to a cat of people with quiet and gentle disposition. The Himalayas will not allow to miss, will try to distract from any melancholy.

The Persian thoroughbred cats are considered as one of the most ancient and popular. The pet loves the moments when are respectful to him also respect. Vanity, excessive caress to it not on temper, it tries to avoid physical contact with the person. But very much becomes attached to the one who shows special attention to a cat. Though there are more than one hundred different colors of Persians, all of them possess a strong and massive constitution.

Bald animals

Not so long ago there were known cats without wool. At first treated them cautiously as it is necessary to watch an animal carefully. The slightest overcooling leads to serious catarrhal diseases, and improper feeding affects weak health of the pet. But the tender character subdued fans cat's, and there were known several breeds:

  • sphinx;
  • Peterbald;
  • Ukrainian Levkoy.

Don Sphinx

The Don sphinxes are well-known. It is native breed: the first kitten was picked up on streets of Rostov-on-Don, he also became the first representative of this version. Animals are divided into several types depending on wool: plasticine or naked, flock, velors and блаш. The first are born absolutely bald. The Canadian sphinxes are born with a small down which changes over time. In young years the animal easily jumps up on 1 m in height, likes to get on eaves and cases, often sits on doors. Good memory of the pet allows to train him quickly.

Peterbalds received the name from the city of St. Petersburg. They can be recognized on external signs: a narrow elegant body, long thin paws, the extended muzzle, flat cheekbones and the parted ears.

there Are several kinds of this breed:

  • bald;
  • pryamosherstny;
  • velor;
  • браш;
  • flock;
  • brash-point.

Siamese Cats

Ukrainian Levkoys were brought in 2000. Their appearance reminds aliens therefore the cat is called the pet of the future. These are naked animals with big shining eyes and flabby ears. They look very interestingly and organically.

Various breeds of cats were removed by geneticists or appeared as a result of domestication of wild animals. Today these pets take a place of honor practically in each house. The cat is not a just fluffy living being, in many families she is considered the full member.

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