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Pregnancy at cats on average lasts about 9 weeks. This period can be from 56 to 73 days. Both external, and internal factors can influence duration. For example, it is noticed that if to disturb a cat, the period of pregnancy of a cat increases a little. Duration directly depends on quantity of an issue. Than mnogoplodny, that less cat will go the pregnant woman. So, if the animal carries from 1 to 5 kittens, its term averages 65 days. If there are more than 7 kids, childbirth, most likely, will occur for the 63rd day after fertilization. At long-haired breeds pregnancy most often lasts longer, than at short-haired.

Features of a Course of Pregnancy at Cats
Pregnancy at cats on average lasts about 9 weeks

For example, at oriental breeds childbirth quite often occurs for 55-56 day, and Persian bears kittens from 63 to 70 and more days. The age affects duration of her pregnancy. Young and old animals have duration a little more, than at fellows of 4-7-year age. Meteoconditions can have on duration of pregnancy also an impact. In hot season pregnancy takes less time cats, than in cold . What it is connected with, scientists cannot explain definitely. Well and, of course, pregnancy of a cat (how many days it will go) depends on specific features of her organism.

Features of a Course of Pregnancy at Cats
Knitting with a cat stimulates an exit яйцеклеток

Течение pregnancies

These animals, depending on breed, become polovozrely at the age of 7-18 months. However thoroughbred animals are brought together on reaching them 12-14-month age. Knitting with a cat stimulates an exit of ova. Techka lasts 5-7 days. Optimum days for conception are 3-5 day of a techka. Conception comes approximately in 24-36 hours after knitting. is considered Pregnancy the period from the moment of fertilization before childbirth. the Cat is capable to become pregnant at once from several cats if knitting with them comes in the range of 24 hours from the first knitting.

Very seldom there is a phenomenon of double pregnancy. It happens if already pregnant animal copulates with a cat and there occurs repeated fertilization. In this case the impregnated late ova begin to develop. But the kids conceived later, most likely, will die in process of families of more senior fellows.

Description of trimesters

In 1 week after knitting to define, the cat or not, very difficult became pregnant. Each pregnancy proceeds very individually. Some can feel nausea and even vomiting. Also the behavior can change. Some can become more aggressive, others, on the contrary, tender to persistence. Very many animals become more passive, more time sleep. At the majority considerably decreases appetite. By the end 2 weeks the behavior is restored, the appetite considerably amplifies. Cats quite often eat not only a threefold portion of the usual food, but also eat products, absolutely unusual for them. Approximately on the 3rd week at an animal nipples begin to turn pink. After 3 weeks the veterinarian can determine conception by a stomach palpation. After 4-5 weeks the tummy begins to be rounded considerably. After the 6th week it is possible to see pregnancy at a cat with the naked eye.

It is interesting to track changes in development of kittens and pregnancy of a cat on weeks. Right after a covering the animal calms down. If there is a fertilization, in most cases the animal does not need repeated knittings any more. , as well as at the person, divide Pregnancy of a cat into 3 trimesters , each of which lasts about 3 weeks. 1 trimester – a stage of formation of fetal egg. On 1 week the impregnated ova begin the strengthened division, going through a stage of blastomer and a morula. On the 2nd week germs in the form of blastotsist get to horns of a uterus and are attached to a superficial epithelium. During this period the germ size is hardly 10 mm. Often the first 2 weeks of pregnancy the animal has a loss of appetite, the murlyka becomes sluggish. On the 3rd week transition to a germinal stage is made. At an embryo extremities are formed. Usually by this time at a cat color of nipples begins to change and there is their swelling. The appetite is restored.

Features of a Course of Pregnancy at Cats

The 2nd trimester – embryonic, or germinal. On 4 and 5 weeks there is a formation of fabrics and bodies of future animal. There is a formation of a skeleton and a muscular system. Bodies of endocrine and digestive systems are put. There is a further formation of nervous and blood systems. On ultrasonography the quantity of kittens and a part of their bodies is already clearly visible. By this time the animal gains 1-2 kg (depending on the number of the born babies) over the usual weight. As active formation of a skeleton of kids takes away a considerable part of calcium from an organism of a cat, at this time pregnancies of cats they can lick or gnaw whitewashing and other inedible things. On the 6th week can find stir of kittens already. At them already created muzzles, and on appearance they remind the reduced copies of kids of sphinxes. By the end 2 trimesters the size reaches them 8 cm

The 3rd trimester – fetal, or fetalny. 7, 8 and 9 weeks – the final stage of formation of kittens. At them increase in length of an extremity and a tail. Approximately to the middle of the 7th week the hair begins to appear. On the 8th week the first dairy teeth and claws appear. After 56 days they are already completely created and ready to live out of a maternal organism. Approximately on the 8th week the cat begins to look for the place for the okot.

Features of a Course of Pregnancy at Cats

Determination of term

How to determine pregnancy term at cats? At manufacturers at whom all thoroughbred animals are under strict control such question, of course, will not arise. And here if she walks in itself on the street, her pregnancy most often becomes surprise for owners. Term on external signs can be determined very approximately and that approximately about 3 weeks. Of course, the attentive hostess can notice strangenesses in behavior of a cat, but not always these phenomena are explained by conception.

The most reliable sign on early terms is change of color and a nagrubaniye of nipples. At some they become bright pink color, at others, on the contrary, darken. However sometimes there is such phenomenon as false pregnancy. Then it is available all signs of conception, and there are no kittens. Since 4 weeks at an animal begins to increase a stomach. Besides, it depends on quantity of kittens. If it carries 1 kitten, the stomach is not especially noticeable. Before childbirth the pregnant cat begins to lick strenuously herself and to look for secluded places. Means, at her 8-9 week.

Most authentically what term of pregnancy at a cat, the veterinarian will be able to define by ultrasonography. Also roentgenoscopy is for this purpose applied. But, first, the accurate picture of kittens can be received after 45 in the afternoon, and secondly, it is quite harmful method of diagnostics, resort to it only in case of need.

Features of a Course of Pregnancy at Cats

Knowing term, it is possible to define date of childbirth. It is better not to plan important actions for these days, reception of guests or long trips. The help of owners can be necessary for the giving birth murka. And if it goes the pregnant woman more than 70 days, it is better to show it to the veterinarian. Perekhazhivaniye can be a symptom of the pathology posing threat to life not only kittens but also mother cat.

If everything passes normally and the animal feels well, in certain time there occurs childbirth. It is difficult not to notice the signs defining approach of childbirth. Just before a genus of a cat carefully lick the genitals. Then fights begin. Childbirth lasts several hours, especially if it is polycarpous pregnancy. On the birth of 1 kitten from 10 to 60 minutes leave. In the course of childbirth there can come the breaks lasting 24-36 hours. At this time the animal ceases to make an effort and begins to show attention to kittens. Upon termination of a break there occurs renewal of childbirth. More often long breaks in labor come if the animal gives birth to more than 5 kittens.

Signs of pregnancy of a cat (video)

When is necessary the veterinarian

Usually healthy cat quite independently copes with the birth of kittens. But can be necessary the help of the veterinarian if:

  • the murka carried kittens more than 70 days;
  • from the beginning of fights there passed more than 20 hours, and the kitten did not appear;
  • strong labor pains last more than 20 minutes, but childbirth does not occur;
  • the kitten or a fetal bubble got stuck in patrimonial ways;
  • from a vagina there were plentiful bright red bloody or dark, badly smelling allocations.

And still happens that cats bear up to 14 kittens. But at such very polycarpous pregnancy all kittens never survive. So if the cat decided to give rise before the put term, owners do not need to be upset – most likely, it is not her last pregnancy.

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