• Feb 1, 2018

Pets are joy and big attachment. Care of them is carried out a little differently, than for the ordinary cat who is going out of the house. Cat's claws in the native habitat are erased and ground by an animal, in the apartment it is almost impossible to make it. If claws are not erased and not ground, then they reach certain sizes, and the animal looks for ways to truncate them. Therefore silicone overlays for claws for cats gain all great popularity recently.

Nakladki-antitsarapki on claws for cats: description, rules of use

Manicure for cats

Actually there are several methods on care of claws of cats. It is not necessary to say to you that still some people resort to full removal of claws at cats, probably, nevertheless, everyone had the opinion on this occasion, and disputes are useless. Indisputable is that fact that in case such animal gets accidentally on the street, then chances there to survive at it will be very little. Elementary escape from danger on a tree or other height will be just impossible, well and, respectively, to protect itself there is nothing. People can only resort to such operation in case for all 100% are sure that the cat will remain forever under supervision of the person.

Claws can be cut off and sawn round by means of special tools. Once you note that at cats a certain structure of a nail plate, and a radical part which is mobile leaving a pad, has a large number of the nervous terminations.

Description антицарапок

If it is wrong to cut off a claw, or rather it is too low, then the animal will feel pain, and it can lead even to serious consequences. Though this method also is the most humane, it is better to entrust this work to experts. Veterinary clinics offer not only different types of treatment today, but also render a number of services in hygienic procedures. The expert precisely knows what sizes of claws are admissible for a pet.

Silicone caps on claws to cats began to use not so long ago . Initially were skeptical about this invention a little, but over time these goods were finished and improved. And today it is easiest way to make claws of a favourite cat soft and safe. Now they do not pose a threat for small children and, of course, for property in the house. It is possible to dress these devices independently, or to address besides veterinarians that everything was executed accurately and competently.

Nakladki-antitsarapki on claws for cats: description, rules of use

Actually this adaptation very simple in use, externally is small caps from rubber, silicone or plastic which densely put on on an animal claw. Complete with these nozzles there is a special glue which allows densely and for a long time to record caps. Producers promise that with such protective slips the animal can go about half a year, further it is necessary to take a small break to allow to have a rest to the top layer of claws.

the Kind of caps on claws

Plastic nozzles are considered as the most primitive and less convenient as they not really flexible and can easily crack. Cats, certainly, feel discomfort from this invention, everything depends on temper of an animal and his temperament. Young and playful kittens quite long time cannot get used to some restrictions in movements. It is worth not to forgetting that claws in their life play very important role and even sharply to slow down or jump off from height, they need secure by claws. Therefore soft claws for cats is, of course, an exit for owners, but for the pet maybe a stress. Choosing this method, it is worth giving preference to a better and ecological product.

Silicone caps on claws for cats are the most optimum, as they thinner, than rubber, they flexible, soft and easy, unlike plastic. In these accessories the animal has more chances to get used to the forced changes. Many veterinarians advise nevertheless to accustom an animal to a kogtetochka, thus, claws will be ground, and it is necessary to carry slips only periodically.

Nakladki-antitsarapki on claws for cats: description, rules of use

of the Rule of application

The first time the instruction which is attached in set will help to dress antitsarapk for cats. The main thing in this case not to frighten an animal, it should be taken on hands and to calm. At first it is necessary to spread out caps one after another and to execute fitting on each claw.

If claws too long, then cut them on 1-2 mm, but no more, otherwise adaptation will not keep. Further caps are displayed in process of their clothing, and everyone is filled with glue. Clay for антицарапок should pour very accurately and no more than on 1/3 part of all volume. The pad of a cat should be recorded well one hand, and it is easy for second to press an interval between a small pillow and fingers, thus, claws will move forward, and on them it will be in turn possible to dress caps. After this procedure it is necessary still 10-15 to take minutes an animal on hands that the fixing means finally dried.

There are several nuances about which owners of animals should know:

  1. In process of growth of claws of a slip begin to disappear independently. As a rule, it occurs in a month.
  2. It is not obligatory to dress these accessories on back pads. If the main goal to save furniture and other property, then it is possible to put only on front pads.
  3. It is not recommended to use the same cap twice the producer as residues of the previous glue can bring a lot of discomfort to the pet.

Nakladki-antitsarapki on claws for cats: description, rules of use

it is important to remember, that if the owner notices that the animal endures the real stress and cannot get used within 2 days to slips, then it is the best of all to save it from this discomfort. Existence of claws is vital for a cat: such procedures as cleaning of pads to be scratched, wash ears and teeth cats by means of the claws carry out. Most likely it is possible to call use of this adaptation as temporary solution of situational problems. For example, if there come guests with small children, and the cat is a little aggressive, then such jewelry on his pads will be very by the way. Or a campaign to the veterinarian: to save the doctor from excess injuries, the pet should dress nevertheless these soft caps on claws.

Most of owners whose cats carry these accessories, leave positive reviews. The main thing – to watch a condition of the pet and to be attentive to any changes in behavior. Is rare, but nevertheless such problems as meet:

  1. Fractures of fingers after an unsuccessful jump from height.
  2. Allergic reaction to glue.
  3. Infection of a plate of claws after long carrying caps.

for cats (video)

If there is though the slightest suspicion on the fact that the cat feels pain, it is worth addressing the veterinarian at once and immediately.

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