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of Otsiket – a kind of cats of Siamese type of a spotty color. Abyssinian and Siamese cats were ancestors of the otsiket.

The Cat of Breed Otsiket Lies on a Photo Floor

On a photo: cat of breed оцикэт. Photo: pxhere.com


Need for communication
Friendliness to children
Loyalty to other pets
of Golosistos
Ease in leaving
Information on breed

Origin of the USA
Group on wool Short-haired
Life expectancy of 15 — 17 years
of Feature does not take out loneliness
Weight of 4 — 7 kg
to Whom suits For big family

cat breed History оцикэт

Cat breed history оцикэт began rather recently in the USA.

The first kitten of breed оцикэт was born in 1974 in a dung of the cats belonging to Virginia Daly (Michigan, the USA). It was the result of crossing of Siamese cats (a color of forces points) and Abyssinian (it is red - a brown color). Unusual appearance – consequence of a spontaneous mutation.

The kitten was called Tonga, however the daughter of the manufacturer named him Otsiket as externally it bore to a wild spotty cat a strong resemblance. From here also the name of breed went.

These cats still are a rarity outside America.

Cat Otsiket Chocolate Photo

On a photo: cat оцикэт. Photo: wikimedia.org

Description of cat breed оцикэт

According to the description, cats of breed оцикэт the average or large size, graceful and graceful, in proportion put.

At cats оцикэт quite long neck, a little extended form a trunk, a direct back and a waist, quite long and thin legs. Front legs are a little shorter than back. The tail is thin, long, has the pointed tip.

The head of a cat оцикэт, according to the description, has the wedge-shaped form, average in size, cheekbones moderately wide, a chin strong. The long straight nose smoothly continues the line of a forehead. The ears extended, big, at the basis wide, and on the ends pointed.

According to the description of breed, eyes of cats оцикэт roundish and a little slanting. Color of eyes, as a rule, amber or golden-yellow, however can be any, except blue.

Hair of cats of breed оцикэт brilliant, dense, but at the same time very short and densely adjoins to a body.

The description of breed defines a color of cats оцикэт. A color of cats оцикэт – the spotty drawing of a tabba in light brown and dark-chestnut tones. At cats оцикэт a dark-chestnut color primary color light-cream, and the drawing and spots dark-chestnut. At a light brown color of cats оцикэт primary color light-cream, and the drawing and spots dairy and chocolate. Each strand of wood of a cat оцикэт speckled.

Strips spotty tabb make an impression kind of broken off and turned into the small oval or round spots reminding a leopard color. Along a back also a strip in the form of spots. On a stomach and a breast of a point form a double row. On a tail and legs – the opened rings or spots. On a forehead letter M, and on a muzzle – the pattern reminding a butterfly "is drawn". Tip of a tail of uniformly black color.

Cat of Breed Otsiket on a Photo Grass

On a photo: cat of breed оцикэт. Photo: wikimedia.org

Character of a cat оцикэт

On character оцикэт – a cat gentle and tender.

At first sight the character of a cat оцикэт seems a little alerted and closed. However at the next acquaintance it becomes clear that it is illusion.

The character of a cat оцикэт is distinguished by tranquility and steadiness, these are the devoted creations which are thinly feeling mood of owners.

Thanks to the sensitivity to mood of the owner, the cat of breed оцикэт can arrange behavior according to a situation and easily adapts to any tenor of life of family.

A cat оцикэт – sociable creation, as well as her ancestors, Siamese and Abyssinian cats. They adore society of people and other animals, are very friendly and vigorous. They very much do not love loneliness.

Cats of breed оцикэт perfectly study thanks to the mind. оцикэт the self-respect is inherent in character of cats of breed.

Cat of Breed Otsiket at a Photo Exhibition

On a photo: cat оцикэт. Photo: wikimedia.org

Care of a cat of breed оцикэт

Health of cats of breed оцикэт excellent and if it is correct to look after them, they are ill extremely seldom. However you should not neglect care of health: in time to impart a cat, to give glistogonny and to process from fleas and ticks.

Care of hair of cats оцикэт simple – is enough to comb of them a soft brush once a week.

Cat of Breed Otsiket Photo

On a photo: cat of breed оцикэт. Photo: wikimedia.org

As well as any other cat, care of a cat of breed оцикэт includes full high-quality feeding, timely cleaning of a tray and the equipment of the cozy secluded place where the pet can retire.

Do not forget also about to a kogtetochka for a cat of breed оцикэт and about toys .

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