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of Piometr cats have extremely dangerous disease of infectious genesis which is followed by defeat of an endometrialny layer of a uterus. Usually elderly individuals are exposed to inflammation of hollow body in the form of a muscular bag in which the fruit develops. Without acceptance of the appropriate measures pathology can easily turn back heavy is purulent - septic complications and even death of an animal.

Piometra at Cats

disease Aetiology

Most often the pathological process affecting the reproductive system of an animal is registered at pets with a hormonal imbalance. High concentration of estrogen in an organism leads to formation of a giperplaziya of endometrium therefore the last is thickened at the expense of a liquid congestion in fibrous cavities. If cyst contents somehow filter into a uterus gleam, the internal genital becomes the ideal environment for reproduction of pathogenic microflora that is fraught with destruction of cystous capsules and rapid development of a purulent piometra in a cat.

It is necessary to distinguish from other reasons for which there is a disease :

Disease Aetiology

  • hit of the infectious agent in a uterus at the time of delivery, taking place in the conditions far from sterility;
  • any injuries and mechanical damages of soft fabrics caused by unqualified obstetric aid;
  • the lowered uterine tone;
  • diseases of the infectious or invasive nature which causative agents influence a condition of a reproductive system of an animal;
  • knittings with sick males;
  • intake of the medicines containing the hormones necessary for suppression of an estrus.

Clinical picture

The First Signs of a Piometra at a Cat

The first signs of a piometra at a cat appear approximately a month later after the end of the period of sexual activity during which in a uterus conditions, favorable for growth of pathogenic microorganisms, remain. The symptomatology of one of kinds of a purulent endometritis in many respects depends on in what form pathological process proceeds. In case of opened inflammation of a uterus comes out genitalia of an animal purulent exudate, at the same time the cat often and diligently licks sick area. In places where the pet has usually a rest, dark stains are noticeable.

At the closed form piometra symptoms at a cat have more expressed character as purulent masses accumulates in horns of a uterus and in the cavity of gladkomyshechny unpaired body, without coming to light. It is possible to suspect wrong on the following manifestations:

The Animal Constantly Thirsts

  • the lower part of a stomach of a cat increased in sizes, became hard and painful;
  • the animal constantly thirsts and does not wish anything to eat;
  • periodically there are a diarrhea and vomiting;
  • body temperature increases;
  • the cat often goes to a tray to empty a bladder;
  • because the animal often licks the problem site, on wool high temples appear;
  • the pet became apathetic and does not want to play with the owner.

Sometimes pathological process a long time has not an effect on a uterus, but sooner or later the condition of an animal sharply worsens. Most often the piometra develops immediately, literally for several days the genital is filled with a large amount of pus and broken off, and the animal perishes from peritonitis.

Diagnostic procedures

The immediate address to the veterinarian — the only opportunity to save an animal from the most adverse effects. For confirmation or a denial of the diagnosis by the expert carries out a number of diagnostic procedures:

  • a palpatorny research of a peritoneum (when palpating in a uterus painful opukholevidny educations, hot to the touch are defined);
  • biochemical blood test (in a uterus confirm purulent inflammation the increased level of proteins and urea and also the shift of a leykotsitarny formula to the left);
  • a X-ray analysis (at the opened neck of the uterus on the x-ray it is not always possible to see inflammatory process);
  • ultrasonography (the most informative method giving the chance to consider even insignificant increase in bodies of a small pelvis).

Diagnostic Procedures

treatment Methods

The optimum way of therapy capable to save a pet from tortures and to keep to it life — surgical removal of reproductive organs. During surgery the inflamed uterus and both ovaries are completely taken. Forecast, as a rule, favorable.

Methods of Treatment of a Piometriya

is considered the Indisputable advantage of this method of treatment lack of a recurrence. Unfortunately, the cat deprived of a uterus will not be able to give to subject posterity therefore veterinarians advise to sterilization of the pets who are not participating in cultivation. It is the best of all to perform operation when to an animal 6−7 months or after the first techka are executed.

Conservative treatment of a piometra at cats is expedient only at the initial stage of development of a disease and if the owner is interested in preservation of reproductive function of the pet. A main goal which is pursued by a medicamentous course — removal of pus from a uterus cavity, suppression of growth of bacteria and increase in immunity of a sick animal. for this purpose the veterinarian is appointed:

  • antibiotic treatment of local and general character;
  • intramuscular introduction of prostaglandins for suppression of sekretorny function of a uterus;
  • intake of immunoperformance-enhancing drugs.

Postoperative leaving

It is desirable not to leave veterinary clinic at once after treatment, and to be late a little to check a condition of a cat after an anesthesia and to make sure of absence of bleeding. After operation for a piometra the pet needs the corresponding leaving. For this purpose needs to follow the following simple rules:

Postoperative Leaving

  1. That the cat did not damage seams, on her it is necessary to dress a body cloth or a special bandage.
  2. It is necessary to examine daily healing wounds regarding inflammation.
  3. In spite of the fact that at an animal the appetite for a while can disappear, the tray with drinking water has to be in free access.
  4. At first it is necessary to feed the chetverony friend with the soft and crushed food.

Preventive measures

Planned Sterilization.

Only a reliable method of prevention which completely will protect a cat from purulent inflammation of a uterus and the owner — from the excess efforts connected with treatment of an animal is planned sterilization . However such radical measure is rejected often by owners of the pets who are of breeding value. As an alternative (in case of refusal from operation) experts advise not to give to cats of hormonal medicines for control of a sexual instinct, to carefully select males for knitting, to follow rules of an asepsis and antiseptics during a techka and obstetric aid.

it is important to

to remember that good immunity — guarantee of health of a pet therefore at his diet there have to be products, vitamin-rich and minerals. It is impossible to ignore regular visits to the veterinarian at all.

Piometra — quite serious and dangerous pathology which quite often leads to death of an animal. At the slightest symptoms of a disease it is necessary to show the cat to the veterinarian immediately.

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