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the Range of forages of Purina Proplan includes brands for dogs and cats of all breeds and the sizes. The balanced compounding supports and enhances immunity from first year of life of the pet.

Getting houses a cat or a dog, there is an important question concerning with what to feed a canine friend and how to provide the healthy, balanced food throughout life. In process of growing of the pet his requirements and flavoring preferences change.

the Balanced compounding of forages of Proplan Purina supports and enhances immunity from first year of life of the pet.

of Sterns of ProPlan it is developed according to needs of a pet during the different periods of life. The Purina company offers a line of forages with the wide diet corresponding to age and activity of the pet. The most significant minerals and nutrients which provide strengthening of health and improvement of health are a part and also high tastes of a product are known.

of Sterns of Pro Plan it is developed according to needs of a pet during the different periods of life.

Cat food

The forage of Purina is made in the form of canned food and dry products for cats. Damp forages consist of the pieces of meat, fish filled with sauce with addition of vegetable components. Thanks to a variety, the forage can be chosen even for the most whimsical cat. Valuable vitamin components, minerals and vegetable substances enter into structure of a dry feed. In the range Purina there is ProPlan, it belongs to a premium class. These cat's forages differ from others in higher quality and existence of a vetlineyka.

The forage of ProPlan has the balanced structure which allows not to apply various additives in food. Forages of a premium class do not need additions.

Types of Purina ProPlan for cats:

  • preserved (damp forages);
  • dry;
  • medical.

For adult cats the company issues quite various menu in which it is possible to find the required structure, considering the state of health, a way of life and age category. ProPlan forage with the maintenance of fat components, vitamins A, With, E and antioxidants will be suitable for active adult cats.

The forage with high comprehensibility of ingredients is necessary for animals with not really active lifestyle. Components which promote elimination of lumps of wool from a stomach are necessary for the cats who are not leaving the apartment too. The sterilized cats need a special diet. Antioxidants and аргинин are its part that supports an urinogenital system in the normal state.

Producers of Purina took care of dental health of a cat. For maintenance in good condition of an oral cavity recommend ProPlan Dental Plus. This forage reduces quantity of a scale.

For cats 7 years are more senior the formula with prebiotics and antioxidants for increase in life cycle is provided. For the cats inclined to an allergy, in the range Proplan the diet with carbohydrates and proteins of deep extent of cleaning is presented.

of Feature of a forage Proplan (video)

Structure of a product

The real meat of chicken is a part of a product that is great advantage. The advertizing Purina presents cat food which part the salmon, a duck, a turkey, etc. are, but they are included in structure only as flavoring additives, all the rest is a chicken. Proplan contains 40% of protein, but its source not only fowl, but also egg powder and dry protein acts. The considerable percent occupies vegetable protein.

The forage of Purina contains minerals in the structure: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins. There are enzymes and a probiotics for good digestion at an animal.

Food for kittens

The forage of ProPlan will provide a kitten with necessary amount of protein, minerals, the vitamins aimed generally at the development of a protective system of an organism. The nutrient which is a part of maternal milk of a cat contains in a stern Proplan. It is necessary for development of sight and a brain of a kitten.

For the first feeding up of a kitten it is worth choosing from a ruler option with saturated nutrients. The substances forming the system of immunity are necessary for a weak organism. The diet of ProPlan Junior includes cow colostrum which helps to form immunity, necessary balance of phosphorus and potassium.

For kittens with a sensitive stomach Purina ProPlan Junior Delicate is created. It differs in the high content of the probiotics strengthening a gastrointestinal tract. And granules with specific texture allow to contain a mouth of a kitten of healthy.

Proplan Purina Forage

Structure for dogs

Purina makes a line of forages for different age categories of dogs which satisfy requirements of each breed and animals in a different physical state. For the sterilized animals recommend a separate diet. The ingredients which are a part of such forage do not allow to gain excess weight. the Daily dog forage of Purina of Plan for dogs is a proteinaceous and carbohydrate supplier, the organism supplies with energy and gives saturation.

The competent variation of fats does not allow emergence of excess weight and supports the specific mass of muscles. For strengthening of immunity include antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins demanded for life in forages. In a line canned food and dry feeds among which it is possible to choose for different categories of animals in the plan of both breed, and an age framework are presented.

Purina provides a set of forages of medical and dietary orientation. There is special canned food for dogs with an urolithic disease or allergic reactions. But such food is appointed only by the veterinarian.

Proplan Purina Forage

At a stern Proplan there are following ingredients:

  1. Corn and wheat. They increase nutritiousness, but for dogs differ in nothing especially useful.
  2. Dry protein of a bird. It is most often subject to chemical treatment and is not so useful as natural meat.
  3. Chicken and fig.
  4. Cornmeal increases food caloric content.
  5. Mineral components, antioxidant inclusions, cod-liver oil, vitamins B whole well affect health of an animal.

In the range Proplan the options which are specially developed for dogs of large breeds are presented. A diet Adalt Sensetiv's Mastiff – for adult dogs of large breeds with a sensitive stomach and skin. The salmon, squirrels, fats enters it. The diet is considered hypoallergenic.

Adalt Lardzh Robast's mastiff of Optikhels – dry dog food of large and huge breeds. Its structure contains 14% of chicken meat and 12% of fats. This option is suitable for dietary food. For large and average breeds of dog with a large constitution there is a diet from chicken and rice. Adalt Lardzh of Robast is a dry option in which rice is on average 10% more.

For elderly dogs the new product of ProPlan Senior is presented. Triglycerides are its part. The diets corresponding to needs of favourites of different age, the sizes and the states of health are developed for small breeds of dog too.

Proplan Purina Forage

Proplan for puppies

In the first year of life of a puppy it is necessary to organize a competent diet. Nutrients and vitamin structures are responsible for optimum development of bones and muscles. When choosing food for a puppy – to consider the most important that in the first year of life there is an accelerated development of a brain, muscles, internals and immunity are formed, there is an active growth. With a diet Proplan it is possible to provide a puppy with all necessary for growth and the correct development by ingredients. The compounding Proplan is developed by professionals.

Producers presented production for puppies in such options: salmon, mutton, chicken. As the main ingredient as a part of a forage are used rice. It is easily acquired by an animal organism, vitamins of group B, a squirrel and fats are added.

Special options are developed for puppies. Enda Mini Pappi's pitches recommend for puppies of small breeds. Contains cod-liver oil and colostrum, 21% of fats, it is very nutritious for puppies.

For pets of average and large breeds the structure the Medium Pappi Sensetiv Skin is recommended. It approaches if at a puppy problem skin as it has hypoallergenic structure, contains cod-liver oil, a chicory root – these components are very useful to little puppies.

Lardzh Brid Atletik Lamb Enda Rice is intended to Pappi for large breeds. He included meat of a lamb and rice. In structure there is an egg powder, colostrum.

How to choose a forage for the pet (video)

The campaign Purina considers the main task correctly calculated combination theory of feeding of dogs and cats which helps to prolong the pet's life by 14-18%. This approach will allow to maintain optimum level of weight of an animal during all life cycle. The pro-plan reduces the frequency a disease of pets connected with violation of normal weight. Helps to support sugar level, normalizes pressure, reduces loads of joints. Proplan Purina is the most qualitative product in the market of food for animals for today. Owners of pets very much appreciate an opportunity to choose food product for animals with an allergy or problem digestion. After consumption Proplan at animals, as a rule, decreases loss of wool and the immunity becomes stronger.

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