• Feb 7, 2019

Among the people loving cats such who has tendencies to perversions in the intimate sphere. Foreign scientists established the true reason and regularity of unusual behavior. During an experiment it became clear that responsible are parasites of pets. Because fluffy favourites — cats "cause" sexual perversions in owners.


of the Research of scientists

Researches of Scientists

Results of an experiment of scientists from the Czech Republic are presented in the edition of PsyPost . It is established that sexy perverts quite often occur among owners of the cat family. Happens so because of parasites of Toxoplasma gondii whose owners mainly are cats. And the person for them is "intermediate link" .

As a rule, at victims begins a disease toxoplasmosis. But the expressed consequences are not observed. Pregnancy when the disease for a fruit constitutes obvious danger can become an exception.

other research was conducted Earlier, and scientists drew a conclusion that not only this species of parasites is dangerous. For example, Spiroplasma ixodeti of butterflies of Danaus chrysippus turns beautiful ladies into "femmes fatales".

the Drawn conclusions

Researchers established that the people who got sick with toxoplasmosis most often experimented in sex, namely, raped people and practiced zoophilia.

the Infected men gave preference:

  • to games in slavery;
  • to fetishism;
  • zoophilia.

The Drawn Conclusions

A of women carried away sex on coercion. Such results were summed up after the carried-out analysis of sexual preferences over 35 thousand residents of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. From them 741 investigated was infected by a parasite of Toxoplasma gondii.

The leader of group of scientists, Yaroslav Flegr said that toxoplasma leads to strengthening of influence of irritants. The patient has associations with extreme types of sex among which use of violence. Therefore, the parasite multiplies the obvious bents which are already available in a brain of the person, but does not form them.

Is not the most negative example of impact of Toxoplasma gondii on people. Thanks to the researches conducted earlier scientists proved that parasites can lead to development of schizophrenia in the person. Besides, toxoplasma quite often pushes patients to suicide commission.

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