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the Cat the nibelung is a rare and little-known breed. It is very difficult to get it. Though the elegant and graceful representatives having blue color magnificent wool are considered by a kind of the Russian blue cat.

The name of breed comes from the word Nebel that it is translated from German as the child of fog. In the medieval epos there was "A saga about Nibelungs", i.e. about children of fog. Scientists assume, as so called cat breed for the smoky-gray color similar to a haze.

Cats nibelungs: the description of rare breed
the Cat the nibelung is a rare and little-known breed
Cats nibelungs: the description of rare breed
Is graceful cat breed, nibelungs gain fluffiness only at the age of 2 years

the Description of breed

The breed appeared in 1987, and in 6 years it was approved by TSA association. Animals are successfully bred in the countries of Europe, in the USA, Russia and Canada, but representatives of this look still are not enough.

It is graceful cat breed, fluffiness nibelungs get only at the age of 2 years. The mass of a men's individual reaches 5 kg, and women's – 4.5 kg. They live within 15-16 years. The body and paws have the average length, emerald color small eyes, graceful gait. Manufacturers carry to look shortcomings:

  • too deeply put and slightly protruding eyes;
  • squint.

Kids are born with light yellow eyes which in process of growing of a cat get a deep green shade. Formation of coloring of organs of vision comes to an end by 3-4 months.

The head their wedge-shaped, and ears upright, pointed have a neck thin and extended. Smoky long wool is considered feature of a look. The standard allows only such color, without additional impregnations. Sometimes on wool strips which disappear over time are noticeable.

Wool has an underfur and the main pile. On a trunk it is shorter, than on a tail. Bunches it can be noticed in ears of a kitten and between fingers. Hinder legs are dressed in panties. The nibelung's kitten at a neck has a dense mane, at cats it is almost not visible. Cats of rare breed have specific feature - it is a peculiar gait. It seems that the animal goes on socks.

Character of animals

Kittens nibelungs kind, clever, have mild temper and a low voice. Are betrayed to the owner, very much like to play with children, are not aggressive, but prefer not to communicate with strangers.

Cats do not like to remain alone therefore can perfectly communicate with dogs and other relatives. They can live also in city apartments, and in country cottages. From the house far do not leave because have close connection with the owner. Like to caress and luxuriate at it on a lap.

At all love to owners nibelungs do not suffer from loneliness. Themselves can always be entertained when members of household are absent. They like to climb on high home decoration in the apartment. It is considered the most favourite entertainment. Kids are very mobile, playful.

Cats nibelungs: description of rare breed

Though to the person who is constantly absent houses, it is not necessary to get this breed. From long loneliness the depression or nervous breakdown can develop.

Nibelungs very accurate animals. It is necessary to watch that they always had fresh water, and in a bowl there was a forage. Clean it is necessary to keep also a tray.

Nibelungs sharply feel bad mood of people and try not to impose the society to the owner at this time. To an animal will be enough that he is nearby.
Representatives of this sort awake the owner in the mornings if hunger.

They do not love very loud sounds, difficult get used to changes in life. The long interval of time that the animal felt in safety again is required and calmed down.

Cats nibelungs: description of rare breed

Daily leaving

It is simple to look after nibelungs. 2-3 times a week a special brush are required to comb them. Koltuna at them are not formed. But smoky wool is an advantage of breed therefore it is very important to watch its state. In the summer it can burn out, it is necessary to limit finding of a cat in the sun.

Bathe all thoroughbred animal 3-4 times within a year. It concerns also nibelungs. Before the procedure ears are closed wadded tampons, soaping of a body happens in the direction of growth of wool. Regularly it is necessary to purge ears and teeth.

For the pet it is necessary to buy a nogtetochka because they very much like to sharpen claws. But it is better if he has the lodge with horizontal bars and crossbeams. In such dwelling the animal will never miss.

For prevention of obesity and fight against laziness they need to provide physical activities. Smoky pets very much like to play with people.

Experts suggest to feed kittens with natural products. At polovozrely age it is possible to transfer an animal to a specialized forage, but the smoky cat is the is best of all absorbs the natural balanced food. It is recommended to add the vitamin complexes containing sulfur, group B vitamins to food. It is necessary to exclude from a diet cabbage and carrots, an offal. Copper and iodine which contain in vegetables will negatively affect color of wool.

Cats nibelungs: description of rare breed

Health of nibelungs

Nibelungs differ in steady mentality, good health at observance of conditions of their development. Genetic diseases are excluded. They need competent preventive veterinary maintenance, inoculations. Without observance of requirements of the veterinarian and the correct leaving animals can have problems characteristic of all species of pets:

  • renal failure;
  • stones in a bladder;
  • гипертиреоз;
  • diabetes and other diseases.

It is the best of all to get the pet at exhibitions of cats. Before purchase it is necessary to be defined whether the nibelung a pet only will become or will attend exhibitions.

As a domestic cat select him according to the pleasant appearance. And if cultivation of breed, visit of exhibitions and championships is planned, then it is necessary to look at standards of a look.

Most of all nurseries in the USA, several them and in Europe, In Russia only one nursery which is in St. Petersburg. The animal very expensive, can cost more than 1000 dollars.
The breed is not widespread, it to very few people is known. Selectors predict it big future in the long term.

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