• Apr 12, 2019

Among adorers of cat's and their haters are equally well-known cats of breed a sphinx. 10 facts and myths, perhaps, will melt hearts of prejudiced people and will help to be defined whether it is worth bringing so unusual pet. Around them so many false beliefs which need to be exposed immediately were formed!

Myths and the Facts about Sphinxes

About appearance and a body

The excentric exterior in some causes hostility, in others — sympathy. Their singularity became the reason of a set of disputes, but one is invariable: nobody will remain indifferent in relation to these cats.

  • Myth: all bald cats — sphinxes.
  • Fact: besides the main breeds (Don, Canadian, St. Petersburg), also other nonhairy cats exist.

The Ukrainian Levkoy was brought in 2004 in Ukraine. He can really be confused with a sphinx as differences — only in the form of ears. Also refer breed to number of nonhairy Devon-reks though the similarity in this case will be difficult to be found.

  • Lie: sphinxes have no wool at all.
  • Truth: they are not completely bald.

All about Cat Breed a Sphinx

To the touch the underfur very pleasant also reminds velor. Sometimes on the lower part of paws and on a tail wool can grow more long. Still interesting moment: often such cats have no moustaches.

  • Myth: sphinxes distinguished beings.
  • Fact: they tend to obesity.

These animals are not simply omnivorous that too is convenient, but do not know when to stop in food. They will only be distinguished handsome when their diet is strictly watched by the owner.

  • Lie: cats do not sweat.
  • Truth: sweat, and unlike other cats, sphinxes sweat all over.

Care of Cats of Breed Sphinx

The widespread myth which concerns all animals in general. Sphinxes it is periodically necessary to bathe or wipe with wet towel wipes. Sweat is emitted a little, but on light things after cats there can be brownish spots.

  • Myth: bald cats were brought relatively recently.
  • Fact: it is a fluke of nature, but not the person.

Mentions of nonhairy cats were at the time of Ancient Egypt. It is considered that exactly from there and all domestic cats went. So bald breed — at all not a wonder.

  • Lie: sphinxes cold, because without wool.
  • Truth: actually they are hot.

Temperature (38.5 — 39 degrees) is well notable in comparison with long-haired cats though they freeze even in the summer. It is normal. Another matter when temperature exceeds norm — better to examine the pet.

  • Myth: thoroughbred cats are painful.
  • Fact: the immunity of sphinxes does not concede to immunity of domestic cats.

And in something even surpasses. High temperature and the accelerated metabolism help to struggle with viruses and diseases.

  • Lie: for the lack of wool sphinxes suit people with an allergy to cats.
  • Truth: the allergy reason — not always wool.

the Allergy causes the protein which is contained in saliva and in sweat therefore even such cats can give an inconvenience more often.

Character and habits

Around psychology many ambiguities were formed too. It is that case when internal nature does not correspond to aggressive exterior at all.

  • Myth: "lunar" cats are haughty and angry.
  • Fact: it is some of the most tender and kind breeds.

Despite terrible appearance, sphinxes very much love caress, are playful, sociable, quickly become attached to the person and sleep with the owner under a blanket.

  • Lie: it to everything indifferent cats.
  • Truth: their feature — curiosity.

Sphinxes will stick the nose and there where you should not put it absolutely. They are vigorous and always seek to learn something brand new.

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