• Sep 1, 2019

Some TV viewers after viewing of advertizing of a cat's forage so be touched to fluffy actors that they even want to bring to themselves the same pet. However not everyone understands breeds of cats and cannot define to a descent a kind of an animal. What breeds were lit in the advertizing "Whiskas", "Gurm Gold", "Sheba", Kiteket and "Purina One" — read further.

to "Gurma Gold" — Persian

What Cats of Breeds Act in Advertising of a Cat's Forage

Huge popularity the cat's forage "Gurm Gold" is in many respects obliged to the Persian cat who was removed in the commercial. This breed was delivered to Europe from Persia in the 16th century where such cats were favourites of court persons.

So many years later there are about 100 kinds of the Persian cats on a color. Black, white, gray, blue, red, cream, red, lilac cats meet. Most often at a pet color of eyes dark orange, blue, copper, green. If a cat of one-color color, he has to have no spots and shades. Marking of cats with marks on the head, paws and a tail is called a kolor-point.

The following external signs are inherent in the Persian breed:

  • round eyes;
  • the big head with the lowered ears;
  • the rounded body;
  • long and dense wool up to 12 cm;
  • disproportionate small pads;
  • the rounded-off fluffy tail of average length.

Fluffy pets differ in tranquility and friendliness. They quickly adapt on the new place and perfectly get on with other pets. Persians are not inclined aggressions though they can stand for themselves. In general cats are capricious and stubborn, sometimes are even vindictive. In family often choose the owner who is loved and respected. Though Persians are also considered "sofa" cats, they are rather active and playful.

"Whiskas" — British short-haired

What Cats of Breeds Act in Advertising of a Cat's Forage

This breed existed in Ancient Rome, but registered only it 1898. At the beginning of the 20th century the breed nearly disappeared because of popular long-haired breed. To save British short-haired, owners of pets of steel crossed the British to Persians.

Despite a dense constitution, they are without effort turned in a ball — most often cats have a rest in this pose in full view of all. The British differ in the round head, big round eyes and short paws. Most often colors of eyes meet: blue, green, amber. As well as at Persians, at the British cats there are a lot of color options: gold, white, silvery, black, gray, red, striped, etc. The most popular — a color with a silvery hair. Such pets "kittens tenderly call "Whiskas"".

Owners of dense wool and a plentiful underfur strongly fade. Veterinarians advise owners adore combing out the favourites at least once a week — cats it. The British cat — a quiet and devoted animal who perfectly gets on with children. They are playful, but in too time and are lazy.

of "Sheba" — the Russian blue

What Cats of Breeds Act in Advertising of a Cat's Forage

The main character in advertizing cat's a stern of "Sheba" belongs to the Russian blue breed. The origin of a cat is very indistinct, however it is known that already at court of Peter I there lived magnificent gray-blue cats with a graceful flexible body.

Externally this breed can be distinguished on the following signs:

  • small wedge-shaped head;
  • the lifted ears;
  • oval eyes with yellow or emerald-green color;
  • thin neck;
  • the developed muscles;
  • dense, but very soft wool with a gray-blue outflow.

This breed concerns reserved, quiet, independent persons. Pets watchfully treat strangers. To be credible them, it is necessary to try fairly.

The Russian blue well understands intonation and mood of the owner. For it the main thing — peace in the home. If chaos, vanity and the conflicts reigns in family — the animal has a stress.

of "Purina One" — a Maine Coon

What Cats of Breeds Act in Advertising of a Cat's Forage

North American semi-long-haired — one of the largest breeds in America. The Maine Coon cannot be confused with other breeds at the expense of a wide thorax, a well-muscled body, a long tail. Such cats are bright, tender and sociable. Often they behave quietly and well feel among people and animals.

At a Maine Coon long, soft and brilliant wool. In comparison with other pets, these cats do not demand special care of wool — enough several times a week to brush the favourite.

Not purebred Kot Boris — the advertizing Kitekat

What Cats of Breeds Act in Advertising of a Cat's Forage

The most known cat actor and the leading person of a cat's forage of Kitekat — a cat Boris. Not purebred cat raises smiles on the faces of TV viewers. The pet is vigorous, inquisitive, cheerful and very bright, as well as many other animals who live in the Russian apartments.

As you can see, any pet of elite breed or without breed in general can become the hero of an advertizing cat's roller. And the breed of the little actor is not so important for creators of advertizing. The main requirements — beautiful appearance, temperament, vigor and knowledge of teams. And what to choose a cat for the house — to solve to you.

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