• Aug 31, 2019
Is considered

that cats see aura and interior, his thoughts and desires and also bring wellbeing and to the members of household. In article we will tell about that what cat of color should be got that good luck on a step did not lag behind you.

What Cats of Colour Bring Good Luck to the House

White cat

Many get white cats as they see in them a symbol of kindness and bright future. the White cat is perceived by the person as the envoy of the highest forces.

On national beliefs appearance of the white pet in the house promises a lot of changes:

  • in the house the world and rest will set in, the negative will disappear, and housing will be filled with heat and a cosiness;
  • the cat will protect from troubles and will help the lonely owner to find the second half;
  • the white cat in the house is capable to remove the general stress and to calm in stressful situations;
  • to women with strong character the cat will help to awaken femininity and tenderness;
  • the house will be under the round-the-clock protection if to tell a cat: "Sleep, protect the house and do not lift up the brownie".

If the white cat was beaten to the house, she needs to be sheltered:

  • it will bring not only harmony and happiness, but also financial good luck;
  • childless couples can count on long-awaited replenishment;
  • will help to transfer difficulties at pregnancy and in labor.

If the snow-white beauty met to you on the street – it promises success and success in all undertakings. For newlyweds such meeting foretells the long and happy union.

Red cat

Such pet brings happiness and good luck thanks to the "solar" power. Red cats are more playful, and the instinct of the hunter wakes up in them instantly. It is considered that they well get on with brownies. The following signs are connected with red cats:

  • they choose to themselves the house if it was brought in family to which its force is not necessary, it will leave this dwelling;
  • if the red cat was beaten, he needs to be warmed, fed and left at home if the animal of that wishes;
  • if the cat spent the night at a threshold, and then left, perhaps, it warded off a disaster from members of household;
  • red cats are excellent doctors, they lay down on a sore point;
  • the red cat stole a march – to a pleasant meeting;
  • red cats often catch sight to the person - it is the sign of the fact that in life pleasant changes approach;
  • if before the responsible moment in life to see the fighting red cat who won battle it is the symbol of the fact that whatever there were obstacles, business will be completed with success.

Red cats were often used in love magic to charm darling, or to make a top. Owners of red wool – symbols of financial wellbeing, besides, such pet will remind the sun in rainy weather.

Black cat

The signs connected with appearance of a black cat in the house:

  • the favourite place of a black cat – the most favorable place in the dwelling;
  • the pet well gets on with the brownie and also thinly feels trouble in the house;
  • a black cat – a productivity symbol;
  • allures grooms for the unmarried hostess;
  • will help to cope with a stress and will cure the members of household;
  • drives away thieves from the house;
  • a powerful charm from evil spirits and damage;
  • happiness promises to newlyweds existence of a black cat at a wedding.

Black cats will be to you tender and kind companions who will help to make the decision. It is worth forgetting a prejudice about bad luck as acquisition of a black cat will bring happiness and excellent mood to all family.

Three-colored cat

Three-colored (tortoise) cats possess powerful power which helps the person with that sphere where he most of all needs the help. Pets also have supersensitivity which will help to save the owner from troubles and will remove an intense situation in the house.

There is a number of the signs characterizing behavior of a three-colored cat:

  • these cats – symbols of a great fortune in all affairs;
  • if the cat was beaten to the house, she needs to be sheltered, she will ward off a disaster and will help to cope with financial crisis;
  • to receive as a gift such cat – to great success;
  • if the tortoise cat dreamed, it is necessary to show vigilance in monetary questions.

Three-colored cats are owners of capricious character, they with care concern strangers. Pets with a tortoise color live in big families and also are excellent friends for elderly lonely people.

Regardless of a color, cats are capable to improve not only mood of the person, but also power in the house. What color would not be your cat, the main thing – that you sincerely cared for it, and then the harmony will reign in life.

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