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the Diet of a pet has to be nutritious and completely balanced. Grandorf for cats is a qualitative meat forage of the European origin. It is made in Belgium and Italy according to recipes of the customer, and is implemented in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. So difficult logistics sometimes causes suspicions. However you should not worry. This results from the fact that the European raw materials are more quality, and production is more effective.

A stern of the Grandorf company for cats: types and features
of Grandorf for cats – it a qualitative meat forage of the European происхождения

Компания GRANDORF is released by a class stern холистик. The ready dry diet at least for 70% consists of natural meat. In холистик corn, wheat and soy therefore such food is considered hypoallergenic are not added. the Dry feed Grandorf is easily acquired by a cat's organism and positively influences work of a GIT and urinary system. Before buying products of the GRANDORF company, it is necessary to study attentively structure and the guaranteed analysis of each diet.

A stern of the Grandorf company for cats: types and features the GRANDORF Company releases
class forages холистик

the Review of cat's forages

The products of a class холистик are food for animals, as close as possible to a natural diet. The cat's forage of Grandorf is made of meat, berries, fruit and vegetables. There are minerals, vitamins, useful amino acids and minerals. Addition of meat and bone meal as a source of proteins is forbidden. Eating a forage of Grandorf, the animal receives all necessary substances for maintenance of health and normal activity.

The plants at which forages of Grandorf are made are in Belgium and Italy. In Europe place great demands on ready diets for pets. Choosing a forage of Grandorf, the buyer is confident in his exclusive quality. Many manufacturers recommend to use products of this brand for feeding of pets.

The GRANDORF company appeared in the Russian market recently, but already managed to gain trust of many owners of cats and cats. These products are elite and are considerably distinguished from other forages.

of Feature of a forage of the Grandorf company (video)

Ready dry diets of the Grandorf brand conform to 5 standards:

  1. To standards of safety of crude ingredients. The standard of GMP+ FSA (Feed Safety Assurance) guarantees that by production of a forage fresh quality raw materials are used.
  2. To the international certified systems of management. In the original it sounds as IQNet.
  3. To production norms. Good Manufacturing Practice guarantees respect for all features of manufacturing techniques of products.
  4. Certifications of the Spanish private company. AENOR ER (AENOR Empresa registrada) is recognized as one of the best companies in the world on development of the quality standards.
  5. To the international control of production of foodstuff. This standard is designated as IFS (International Featured Standards).

The forage of Grandorf which structure is checked and approved by the international companies on quality control is one of the best elite products in the Russian market. Veterinarians and biologists developed the balanced formula of food suitable kittens, the adult and sterilized animals. A variety of tastes will please choosy pets and their owners.

A stern of the Grandorf company for cats: types and features

of the Kind of a dry diet

All pets different and in own way unique. This statement concerns both psychological, and physical aspects. The organism of each cat demands certain vitamins, minerals and minerals depending on breed, age and conditions of keeping. Specialists of the GRANDORF company developed a line of the forages satisfying different needs of animals. All ready diets are divided into the following types:

  • low-grain;
  • with a live probiotics;
  • bezzernovy.

such forages enter Into low-grain group:

  1. A lamb with the KITTEN rice. It is the kitten food containing 34% of proteins and 22% of fats. A source of protein is the dehydrogenated and fresh meat of a lamb and turkey. Are a part: white rice, beer yeast, taurine, cranberry, Shidiger's yucca and antioxidants.
  2. A lamb with the INDOOR rice. The diet is designed for animals who do not go outside. Structure same, as well as in kitten food. Level of proteins (32%) and fats (15%) is lowered. Seeds of a flax and sweet potatoes are added.
  3. A rabbit with the STERILIZED rice. The forage will suit the castrated cats and the sterilized cats. Are a part: the dehydrogenated meat of a rabbit and turkey, carrots, a cranberry, Shidiger's yucca, taurine, antioxidants. Proteins of 37%, fats of 12%.

A stern of the Grandorf company for cats: types and features

with a live probiotics enter Into group of forages:

  1. 4 types of meat with the brown INDOOR rice. The structure included meat of a turkey, duck, rabbit and lamb. Additional ingredients are flax seeds, brown rice, dried apples, a cranberry, Shidiger's yucca and a probiotics. The stern contains 32% of proteins and 14% of fats.
  2. 4 types of meat with the brown STERILIZED rice. Structure same, as well as at the previous forage. Level of fats (11%) is lowered, the quantity of proteins (37%) is increased. This formula is developed especially for the sterilized pets.

The GRANDORF company releases only one bezzernovy dry cat food is "White fish with SENSITIVE sweet potato". The main ingredients are: meat of a cod, herring and turkey. The ocean fish positively influences digestion. Total absence of grain – guarantee of excellent comprehensibility of a forage. For formation of croquets dried sweet potatoes are used. Are a part: spinach, chicory, carrots, flax seeds, cranberry, Shidiger's yucca, taurine, antioxidants. Proteins of 33%, fats of 16%.

A stern of the Grandorf company for cats: types and features

Main advantages

Cat's diets of Grandorf deserved good reputation thanks to excellent composition and high quality of ingredients. The producer cares first of all for health and appearance of pets. of Cat food of Grandorf have the mass of advantages among which:

  • hypoallergenicity;
  • high percent of animal protein (at least 70%);
  • temperature of processing of ingredients does not exceed 80 °C;
  • presence of a natural complex of antioxidants;
  • use of natural preservatives – vitamins C and E;
  • low norm of feeding;
  • lack of chemical amplifiers of taste and smell;
  • lack of corn, soy and wheat;
  • optimum balance of minerals;
  • decrease in load of a liver and kidney;
  • compliance to 5 international standards.

The producer developed a special forage of Grandorf for kittens. Kids need more fats and proteins for the full-fledged growth and development of all systems and bodies. Grandorf for kittens contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Such forage can be given only to animals up to 12 months. The increased content of fats and minerals is unacceptable for adult pets.

as What

of sterns to elect for a cat (video)

2 types of a diet are developed for the sterilized cats: low-grain and with a probiotics. If the pet has an allergy and there are problems with digestion, then it is better to give preference to a forage with a probiotics. The option with an ocean fish is suitable for the healthy castrated cats, besides special diets, bezzernovy. After sterilization veterinarians advise 3 times a week to give to animals damp forages of Grandorf. It is prevention of MKB and cystitis. However the dry feed has to make a basis of a diet.

The only lack of forages of Grandorf is their high cost. But it is health animals better not to save. Cheap forages cause diseases which treatment is much more expensive. GRANDORF is a pledge of happy, carefree life of the pet and tranquility of his owner.

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