• Feb 6, 2020

Quite often our fluffy friends behave illogically, and we cannot understand the reason. Today we will talk about cat's habits which can drive us in bewilderment.

Habits of Cats Which Cause Bewilderment

Is food from a floor, but not in a bowl

The pet has the bowl, but he persistently takes out food and begins a meal only when food is outside a bowl. Owners are irritated by this habit as it is necessary to wash constantly a floor from leftovers, but the cat flatly refuses to eat from ware.

Change of a bowl can be the reason for that – if the cat got used to former, and new it seems to it inconvenient and unusual. One more version – a bowl too deep, and a cat cannot eat from it, without having soiled moustaches. It irritates your favourite, and she tries to change a situation independently.

If neither that, nor other version approach, and the cat carries away food far away from a bowl – means, he does not like the place of feeding. Perhaps, it is close to a garbage can or to a toilet, and our fluffy companions do not love when bad smells are added to food.

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to Drink

from under the crane

In a cup it is always full of water, but the animal drinks water from anything, only not from it. Most of all he likes to drink up the water murmuring from under the crane. The matter is that cats scrupulously treat freshness of water, and that that there is in their bowl already long time, does not arrange. And here running from a water supply system reminds a streamlet and therefore it is perceived with a bang.

To get rid of this habit, it is necessary to change more often water in a bowl and to watch that there food or foreign objects did not get. Still it is possible to add ice – it gives to water freshness.

to Run before a campaign on a tray

Before descending in a toilet, the cat rushes on all house and горомко mews and only after it is attached on a tray. Such behavior can be caused by animal physiology. Active movements help them to empty better subsequently intestines, and they can simply mew because before this important issue at them the stomach aches a bit.

of "Excavation" near a tray

When the cat descends in a toilet, she does not need to hide the traces, but also to construct around them the Egyptian pyramid. So we consider, hearing a familiar sound of burying. Actually, cats are very clean and try to get rid not only of dirt, but also of an unpleasant smell.

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to Gnaw claws

As well as the person, a cat can gnaw nails (that is, claws) from a stress. If it has no kogtetochka, the claw can strongly grow or exfoliate, and then the animal seeks to clean it from the excess horny remains. Still the lack of minerals or paw pain can be the cause. If the pet pays attention to a certain claw or a certain paw is a sign of the fact that it is necessary to show it to the veterinarian.

to Hide to the secluded place

It is one of methods of rescue from a stress too. Moving, a disease, emergence in the house of a new animal can become the reason of nervousness. Also cats can look for the secluded place in anticipation of the birth of kittens that nobody prevented emergence of posterity on light.

Besides, a hide-and-seek can become for a small animal a game – having taken cover, for example, under a cloth, he can hunt all who pass by. And still, as it is banal sounds, the cat can just hide because wants to get enough sleep properly.

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to Sit in boxes

The same reasons force our shaggy friends to get into wooden and cardboard boxes and to sit long there. The box is a small personal space of a cat where she feels comfort and safety. In the childhood each of us liked to build a lodge of chairs and blankets. As it was cozy there! There is a same story. And still cats like to sharpen claws about convenient soft cardboard or a tree.

Selective love to people around

It is possible to notice that even in one family animals show big affection for some people, than for others. First, the simplest and obvious reason – who feeds a cat, that by default good. Therefore you seek not to shoulder this duty only of one person.

Secondly, cats are vindictive and if someone offended them, then hardly he will deserve their trust in the future.

Thirdly, the animal has the character, and it will choose the person, similar to itself to be on friendly terms with him.

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