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Hypoallergenic cat breeds are animals with the minimum contents in Fel D1 organism – cat's protein. This substance is used by animals for trans-species identification, a territory tag. Substance is rather aggressive and capable to influence a human body negatively.

Kinds of Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds
Hypoallergenic cat breeds are animals with the minimum contents in Fel D1 organism – cat's protein >

Mistakenly it is considered figcaption that for people with an allergy the fluffy representative of the cat family constitutes danger. It's not true. Wool of danger to allergic persons does not bear. Allergic reaction arises on protein microparticles which this wool transfers.

Therefore even if the animal absolutely bald, but has high content of Fel D1 in an organism, it will not be suitable for allergic persons too: saliva and integuments are also a carrier of antigen.

Anti-allergenic cats and cats in the nature do not exist. Cat's protein is at all representatives of family, but at some individuals it is present at an organism in small quantity and is not capable to cause damage to human health. It is also hypoallergenic animals.

Kinds of Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds
Cat's protein is used by animals for trans-species identification, a tag территории

Самые safe breeds

Cats with white wool "are not so mean" as cats or cats of a dark color. They develop much less Fel D1.

it is possible to refer To hypoallergenic breeds:

  • Balinese (balineziysky) cat. At first sight this animal with long dense wool can seem dangerous to the people having an allergy. But actually because of small amount of protein at it quite hypoallergenic wool.
  • Oriental . the Short-haired beauty is very exacting to purity. Regular care of an animal and cleaning of the room where it lives, considerably will reduce amount of antigen around that will positively affect health of owners.
  • Siamese . This blue-eyed beauty too quite will be suitable for allergic persons. Because of rather difficult character it is better for children not to bring her.
  • Javanese (яванез). Because of an ill-defined underfur яванез spreads harmful protein around itself much less.
  • Siberian . Why at this fluffy animal so poorly cat's protein, remains a nature riddle. Allergic persons on a Persian cat practically never have a painful reaction.
  • Devon-reksa and kornish-reksa. Regular bathing of these animals brings to naught risk of developing of an allergy.
  • Ukrainian Levkoy.

Kinds of Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

  • of the Peterbald. 2 times a week are enough to bathe This bald cat, and it is possible to forget about an allergy.
  • of the Sphinx Don. As well as in a case with a Peterbald, due to the lack of wool the risk of distribution of antigens at the correct leaving is minimum.
  • of the Sphinx Canadian. Does not know why this animal occupies a palm in the Hypoallergenic Cats nomination. Neither the gillyflower, nor the Don sphinx can be compared to it in these indicators. Canadians are the most hypoallergenic cats.

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As to the allergic person to make friends with a cat

Kinds of Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Rules of coexistence of the person having an allergy and the pet are quite simple:

  • after each contact with a cat to wash hands and to clean clothes from wool;
  • the pet with dense and long wool needs to be combed out regularly;
  • regularly to wash the things and laying, the pet's towels;
  • often to carry out damp and dry cleaning with use of the vacuum cleaner;
  • to get rid of thick fleecy carpets, heavy portieres, fluffy covers: all this not only accumulates dust, but also "collects" cat's wool, parts of epidermis, saliva;
  • cat's trays need to be removed and washed in time;
  • sterilization and castration of animals considerably reduce their ability to cause an allergy;
  • fixedly to watch of a cat over health (sick animals are capable to isolate more harmful protein);
  • you should not lodge the pet in fabric lodges, do not give them soft toys since fabric and fillers very well absorb and keep harmful substances;
  • regularly wash an animal, you clean to it ears;
  • try to eliminate other allergens (for example, flowers, dust, chemicals).

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The main thing in this case – not to be overzealous, frequent bathing can cause dermatitis and other skin diseases in a cat. It is more expedient to observe a high security of reception of water procedures, and in breaks as required to use special wet towel wipes which not only will protect the pet's skin but also will not allow protein to extend.

Accurate observance of rules will help to live to a cat and the person under the same roof very long and happily.

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