• Apr 25, 2018

Today the machine for a hairstyle of cats is an irreplaceable accessory, especially at accommodation in the house of the long-haired pet. First of all it is necessary in the all-hygienic purposes.

Kinds of Machines for a Hairstyle of Cats
Today the machine for a hairstyle of cats is an irreplaceable accessory, especially at accommodation in the house of the long-haired pet

For a hairstyle of cats in house conditions machines which have low power are selected. It is connected with the fact that such animals are afraid of loud sounds. A large number of owners of pets prefer modern electric models.

Manual machine

Manual machines are suitable for cats who do not transfer vibrations and noise. Their work is similar to work of secateurs: the hand presses edges, at their connection there is a wool sostriganiye then at the expense of springs they come back to former situation.

treat positive sides of this device:

  • small cost;
  • lack of vibration, noise and overheating;
  • a possibility of easy clarification of an edge from wool.

The animal can be cut even during sleep, at the same time without being afraid to put it injuries. The mechanical machine for a hairstyle has one minus which consists in absolutely small speed. For obtaining qualitative result it is necessary to acquire some experience. It is impossible to cut a href="/upload/temp-content/cats/kak-nado-delat-strizhku-koshke" of title="hairstyle of a cat" class="binet-perelink" a cat the special machine in case it the pregnant woman or the patient and also on skin is available for it:

  • allergy;
  • rash;
  • scratches.

You should not start a hairstyle of dirty and damp wool.

As is correct to cut a cat (video)

Devices of professional level

It should be noted that many owners try to buy tools at lower price. However the main mistake as most often such devices it is accurately impossible to cut an animal can consist in it. They can pull a hair, burn and scratch skin. The cheap model quite often quickly fails, edges are rebated after the first procedure. Professional machines are especially relevant for a hairstyle of the Persian cats and other breeds which are by nature allocated with a dense underfur. Besides their wool differs:

  • density;
  • volume;
  • splendor.

Professionals not for nothing make the choice for such tools. they do not have shortcomings which allocated cheap products. Work with long-haired animals requires existence of the high-quality machine. These devices are not capable to hurt a cat because do not chew and do not pull hairs, cope with the work remarkably. The tool intended for a hairstyle of animals is allocated with a special method of sharpening of edges and other parameters. Today in the domestic market there is a set of high-quality machines for a hairstyle of cats.

Kinds of Machines for a Hairstyle of Cats

Tiny trimmers

Mini-trimmers are such version which differs in compactness. Many types of nozzles are included in the package of such machines for a hairstyle of cats. The trimmer, small by the sizes, is used to a wool hairstyle in difficult and hard-to-reach spots. Working with this machine, it is possible to remove easily excess wool under a tail, to shear it under under mice and on elbows, to give to the necessary form on the following parts of the body:

  • pads;
  • muzzle;
  • ears.

Such tool serves more often for performance of support function. belong To pluses:

  • small price;
  • small sizes;
  • a possibility of use in places of lack of electricity.

In the majority trimmers function from the accumulator or batteries. The device possesses also shortcomings. One of them is insignificant power. Edges of this device are quickly hammered with wool. The device during the work publishes noise and is exposed to heating therefore process needs to be stopped often to clean nozzles. On the cat's case – the back and a stomach – should be worked as other device as this is not able to cope with big parts of the body.

Kinds of Machines for a Hairstyle of Cats

the Best tool

The wool hairstyle on a back and a stomach in the presence of the felted lumps requires use of the machine having a bigger capacity and an edge of essential width. Its size has to be selected individually, it depends on animal size. It is necessary to pay attention to high-quality sharpening, otherwise the device after each application will need to be given to the expert. It is impossible to grind independently in house conditions, otherwise the tool will become useless.

The Persian breed of animals needs to be cut the machine which power is not less than 45 W. If the trimmer is low-power, it:

  • will begin to brake;
  • will strongly heat up;
  • will not master dense wool.

Kinds of Machines for a Hairstyle of Cats

tools at which at need it is possible to regulate length of edges are considered as Convenient, without resorting to their replacement. Should mean that upon purchase of the professional machine such problems are absent. It is explained by reliable fastenings, and there is always an opportunity to buy edges for emergency. Their smallest length is 0.5 cm. Such figure designates, as wool length after the carried-out manipulations will be the same. You should not aspire to a smaller indicator. It is explained by danger to put injuries to skin of an animal.

Acquisition of the trimmer working from the accumulator and an electrical network will become ideal option. There are 2 types of the motor – rotor and vibration.

Rotor devices have a high capacity, reliability and considerable cost. A shortcoming is significant overheating. When choosing such model it is worth checking system effectiveness of cooling of the case. If 10 minutes later after its inclusion edges and the case strongly heat up, you should not buy the device. The matter is that there is no reason every 5 minutes work to allow it to cool down, and no animal will be reconciled with touch of hot metal.

Such procedures with cats can be performed by means of vibration machines. Though they also heat up less, however have a small capacity. Before acquisition it is necessary to make sure that the trimmer is rather convenient. In case the machine weighs very little, it will be heavy to carry out the smooth smooth course. It will begin to wag in the parties. During the work with the bulky and heavy device through absolutely short time the hand will begin to be tired.

the Interesting facts about cats (video)

Care of the trimmer

There are rules which need to be carried out to support in working order the machine for a hairstyle of cats. First of all it concerns clarification of edges a special brush after each procedure. It is not recommended to wash with its plain water and to wipe a rag because it will deteriorate. Edges need to be oiled, being included in the package. It needs to be done when the device unevenly cuts and gets jammed it.

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