• Jan 8, 2019

the Cat was never a decorative pet - it is to you not small fishes at whom it is only possible to look. With a cat it is possible and it is necessary to communicate. How to do it it is correct?

you Watch a muzzle

The muzzle of your cat can tell about much. For example, in a quiet state it round, ears look upward, and eyes are widely open. In this case you can stroke it and caress.

the Mimicry of a cat changes with mood

And here if the cat is concerned by something, then her, of course, it is better not to touch. How to define it?

  • a cat all is strained,
  • ears are pressed to the head,
  • the pupil is narrowed,
  • the cat contracted in a lump (this sign also gives her fright).

If you noticed it, do not touch the pet – allow it to calm down or solve a problem.

Gestures of cat's communication

Except a mimicry, there are also other moments of manifestation of friendliness, or, on the contrary, hostility. Besides, they are divided into two groups – some are directed to the person, the second – to themselves.

the Gestures directed to the owner and speaking about friendliness:

  • The cat licks a hand,
  • The cat rubs about legs,
  • the cat lays down on knees.

And here such gestures as hissing or throwing on people, on the contrary, can indicate that the kitty of communication is not eager.

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