• Sep 16, 2019
When we get a kitten, it is difficult to present that in 10 years he will already be the elderly pet who is on the threshold of an old age. However if you provide to the old cat good care, will be attentive to the slightest changes in appearance or behavior, the murlyka will please you many years.

Old Cat of a Photo

Signs of aging of cats

In time to understand when to your pet the additional attention is required, it is necessary to know the main signs of aging of cats:

  1. Skin is shelled, wool becomes dryish, becomes thinner.
  2. Teeth turn yellow, wear out, sometimes drop out.
  3. the Cat loses or sharply gains weight, eats much more or, on the contrary, less.
  4. the Pet goes to a toilet more often.
  5. Apathy, slackness.
  6. Murlyka loses flexibility, problems with joints appear.
  7. Irritations and tumors on a body.

Diseases of old cats

the Metabolism in old age slows down that makes a cat more susceptible to a number of indispositions: to cancer, anemia, arthritis, renal diseases, diabetes. The best treatment of these diseases — prevention and detection of early symptoms.
Is desirable to be observed at the familiar veterinarian who well studied your pet and will be able to notice changes in time. It is also useful to keep records: what inoculations and when are made what diseases were carried by a cat whether there were injuries. If you replace the veterinarian, these records will be very useful.

Care of an old cat

Major factors of maintenance of wellbeing of an old cat:

  1. Healthy diet (as a rule, low-calorie).
  2. Moderate physical activities.
  3. Regular surveys by the veterinarian (including survey of teeth).
you watch closely dental health of the favourite, look out whether there were no abscesses or diseases of gums. And gradually you transfer a murlyka from firm food on soft forages or a specialized forage for old cats.
the cat lies on a sofa
However, have "sunset years" also advantages. The cat becomes more reserved, is afraid of strangers less, is more tolerant to household changes.
do not forget
that the pet for many years pleased you and gave the attachment. Therefore he deserves a comfortable old age near the family loving it.

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