• May 21, 2019

many millennia of people lives side by side with the four-footed satellites. Communication with them gives people joy. Most of them worships the pets, looks after and cares for them. Many want to learn whether they have to them animal similar feelings and what the love of cats and dogs to the owner differs in. Specialists zoologists give the answer to this question.

Differences of Behaviour of Cats and Dogs in relation to the Owner

Dog devotion

The dog became the first animal who was cultivated by the person. Love of a dog to the owner — the most selfless and sincere. It is shown by as follows:

As Cats Show Love to the Owner

Behaviour of Cats

Manifestation of Love of Animals to Owners

  1. Wagging . The dog tail can express the most different emotions: fear, tension, readiness for attack. But rough wagging is a sign of sincere dog joy. If the pet waves a tail that there are forces, it means that he is incredibly happy to see the person.
  2. the Doggie follows the owner on heels . The dog — a gregarious animal, and such behavior reflects her aspiration to follow the leader. Unlike people for whom it is necessary though sometimes to stay alone the dog devotion means that it always and everywhere wants to be with the owner.
  3. Licking . It is sign of love and attachment. The dog can also lick the owner to show him the humility.
  4. Vyprygivaniye's . Though this gesture quite often seems to people undesirable, it expresses the rough joy of a meeting. So puppies welcome the come-back mother, and the dog recognizes in the person of "parent".
  5. Violence . The violent behavior the dog shows love and desire to play with the owner. It is an important part of formation of attachment between the person and an animal. Of course, it is not necessary to allow the pet to bark, bite loudly, with a force to hit the case.
  6. the Dream near the person . In the wild nature wolves sleep nearby, having curled up. It is quite natural that the dog will climb on a bed and to lay down near the owner whom considers the leader and the member of the pack.
  7. the Animal leans against the owner . Sometimes causes irritation that the doggie turns near legs and prevents to be engaged in affairs. But thus the animal shows the love and wants to attract attention.

of the Dog sensitively react to the attitude towards themselves of people around. If the owner loves the canine friend, that will answer it with the most right and devoted love.

Cat's tenderness

About cats there was an opinion that they are tied only to the house, and with people live only for the sake of the benefit. But these animals also need tenderness and attachment. They express the love not so violently and emotionally as dogs, but it does not mean that they have no warm feelings to people. By all means will reciprocate to Murlyki on caress and comfortable conditions which are created by their owners. can determine Cat's love by the following behavior of animals:

As Cats and Dogs Show Love to Owners

  • rumbling, loud purring;
  • butting by the head, easy pokusyvaniye;
  • twitching by a tail;
  • desire to share production, to bring a toy;
  • gentle trample on the owner;
  • the pacified look, followed by blinking;
  • a tummy which is held up for stroking.

A cat — a loner animal who needs a privacy and the personal territory. But sometimes she neglects comfort to sit near the favourite owner. To receive its attention and caress, the murlyka is ready even to sit in an inconvenient pose.

If a cat tries to climb on knees to the owner and to nestle on it, it is the sign of her sincere love and sympathy.

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