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very many owners of cats Now, having stopped the choice on ready-made feeds, choose Sheba. On the Internet reviews of veterinarians of this forage in bags also exclusively positive. What is represented by Sheba whether it is worth trusting products that this product is known and as it is estimated by veterinarians actually?

Opinion of Veterinarians on a Stern Sheba in Bags
Owners of cats, having stopped the choice on feeding by ready diets, choose Sheba

the Rich range for gourmets

The forage of the Sheba brand is issued in the territory of Thailand the Mars company, quite famous in the world market, which already has certain experience on production of cat's diets. And though only damp forages enter a ruler, their range impresses.

The producer offers products both in traditional banks, and in hermetically closed packages, they are called still teach. But irrespective of a type of packaging they contain one portion of food, respectively, a forage which is given to the pet, will be always fresh. Veterinarians consider it correct.

The company releases very original diets, and it is already noticeable by names. Exist three different lines of a cat's forage that is called for every taste:

  1. of Sheba Pleasure. meat, the bird or fish steamed and seafood can be a part. The following dishes are offered: "With a trout and shrimps", "A duck with a chicken", "Beef with a lamb", "A tuna and a salmon". All forages from this series are issued in a sachet-pauchakh.
  2. of Sheba Classic. It is one more collection of original tastes in which even whimsical cats in food can find a suitable dish. Here can find "The cell from chicken breast", "A tuna in sauce" and mix from seafood and fish "Cocktail from a tuna and shrimps". Preserved food is packed into jars, the producer emphasizes that it is diets with the high content of a meat part.
  3. of Sheba Fusion. Two types of meat, appetizing pieces in one packing with original sauces. "The chicken and beef in the Tolyata sauce" or "A turkey and chicken with the Turnedo sauce" will be to the taste to a cat. Packing of these portions – teach.
Opinion of Veterinarians on a Stern Sheba in Bags
of Sterns of the Sheba brand is issued in the territory of Thailand the Mars company, quite famous in the world market

In this brand owners of cats will not find the specialized forages intended for special pets – sterilized, undergone an operation, restored after a disease, kitties "in situation" or feeding posterity. In this case it is the best of all to listen to opinion of veterinarians, they will be able to give full consultation on feeding.

Damp forages from the Pleasure series are full-fledged diets with the balanced structure. it includes useful additives necessary for cat's individuals – vitamin and mineral. And though the quantity of a meat part here low also varies from 4 to 30%, nevertheless it is considered that there is so much and the cat in day has to receive.

In canned food of the range Classic and Fusion of meat more, to a half of structure, but their cost is included 10 times more, forages Sheba in bags are more available.

The producer does not advise to include only industrial preservation in the menu of the pet including their products, and to give similar food only as delicacy. This opinion is spoken well also that the adult cat will need 4-5 packs of a damp forage a day! It is natural that not each family budget will sustain such loading.

Sheba's List

Externally cat's forage Sheba is similar to the usual pieces of meat which are accurately cut. But it not absolutely so – various additives are a part of a product. If to trust the producer, then these are exclusively natural ingredients which are necessary for health and excellent digestion of a cat.

The main component of diets stated meat, it also distinguishes this brand of a forage from similar products of economy class. Besides, judging by information specified on packing, it is used only fresh, not undergone freezing. In addition in structure can find the following components:

  1. Tapioca is a flour which is received from a root part of a cassava. It contains the starch promoting saturation of an animal and the cellulose normalizing digestive processes at animals.
  2. Taurine (sulfur-containing acid) – this component often meets in structures of dietary food. It improves work of a cardiac muscle, positively affects sight, has the stimulating effect on bodies of a GIT.
  3. Fats of plant origin – thanks to them hair of a cat keeps the gloss and silkiness.
  4. Nonsaturated fatty acids the Omega 3-6-9 are important for normalization of exchange processes in an organism.
  5. Vitamin E – one of the most effective antioxidants, it is necessary for full regenerative process.

According to opinion of veterinarians, cat's it is important to receive enough animal protein with food, and it is a forage of Sheba allows to do fully. One more good point – these canned food does not include soy and in most cases does not contain also other sources of vegetable proteins. Damp diets of this brand are universal, they are suitable for feeding of both adult animals, and kids since 1 month.

Opinion of Veterinarians on a Stern Sheba in Bags

Merits and demerits

The producer positions the product as a premium class forage, but whether so it actually? Positive reviews of experienced manufacturers and veterinarians confirm that this is true. If to consider segment products, then it is possible to call Sheba the most natural of them, among advantages it is possible to focus attention on the following:

  • natural ingredients – meat, fish and seafood are a part;
  • the used components only fresh, not undergone frosts;
  • at sterns there are additional substances useful to health of the pet: taurine, vitamins, cellulose, nonsaturated acids.
  • the producer uses the latest technologies for production and packing of a forage therefore food keeps the usefulness and gets to a bowl of an animal fresh and fragrant, kept pleasant consistence;
  • not all brands of forages offer so various menu and use similar original compoundings, among forages Sheba it is possible to find a diet which even the thorough fastidious person who is turning up the nose at all new will not be able to refuse;
  • the Sheba cat food does not contain dyes, fragrances and other chemical components;
  • owners already managed to estimate the convenient packing of a product calculated on one feeding;
  • unlike dry diets, the damp forage does not demand a plentiful zapivaniye, respectively, load of kidneys of a cat considerably decreases.

But this forage, besides pluses, has also some minuses. can carry the following To shortcomings:

  • it is impossible to give to kittens up to 1 month;
  • it is not recommended for cats eunuchs, the sterilized cats and animals who were not restored after diseases or surgeries yet;
  • cost is rather high;
  • there are no lines of specialized and medical diets;
  • it is not recommended as the main component for a daily diet but only as addition or encouragement for the pet;
  • there is no dry feed this brand.

But even without looking at similar shortcomings, most of veterinarians and manufacturers nevertheless positively speak of a product and advise to give it to the pets. And pets wish to regale on such yum-yum.

Opinion of Veterinarians on a Stern Sheba in Bags

The products of this brand are considered universal, and both not purebred favourite, and a cat of aristocratic blood can regale on it, and such delicacy will do each of them good. As Sheba contains the useful additives improving quality and appearance of a wool cover it it is recommended to give to the animals possessing a smart fur coat – the Nevsky maskaradny, shinshillovy, Persian, angora and others.

The similar dish containing big amounts of meat or fish is excellent food for representatives large cat's: savannas, serval, Maine Coons, caracals. The truth in this case, hardly business will manage one packing, even as tasty having a snack. Besides, similar diets are suitable for cats of any breeds including enough exotic as, for example, toygers, bengals, cane cats, to a snou-sh, etc.

Opinion of Veterinarians on a Stern Sheba in Bags

Important about a new forage

Of course, forages of this brand are pleasure not from cheap, as it is not surprising, considering their class. However owners of the mewing favourites nevertheless above it put advantage which also expensive, but healthy food can bring let.

One more nuance which the owner cannot but take in attention – the relation to similar food of four-footed companions. It is natural if the cat does not approach a bowl, then it is a signal – food to it not on temper. But the majority of responses testify in favor of a damp forage Sheba.

But not only it is paramount importance. Besides tastes of the pet, it is necessary to consider how the organism of an animal reacts to a new product. First of all it is worth estimating an animal condition whether allergic reaction appeared and whether the chair was broken. Having given Sheba's portion, you should not treat several days the favourite with this food. And such practice repeats every time when the kitty tries new taste from a collection of this brand.

the Special attention is deserved by cats of nonhairy breeds: different types of sphinxes, bambino, Peterbalds, elves, Ukrainian Levkoys, they most often have an allergy. Besides, among the most allergenic types of meat chicken meat therefore it is better for the pet having food allergy to get forages which part this product is not is.

Opinion of Veterinarians on a Stern Sheba in Bags

If the pet after meal behaves as usual, that is shows activity, playfulness or on a habit goes to a secluded corner to have a rest, so everything is all right and you should not worry. But what can guard the owner? the Following signs signal that the forage did not suit a cat:

  • the cat shows causeless aggression;
  • from a mouth of the favourite the unpleasant smell appears;
  • wool quickly enough reacts to the wrong food – it loses gloss, even without season the molt amplifies, it begins to sputyvatsya strongly, koltuna appear – all this says that it is not necessary to give to an animal such food any more.

In such situation it is worth excluding a new product from a diet and to observe the pet. If its state worsens, there is short wind, wool climbs shreds, tears it, then it is necessary to address for consultation the professional.

When Sheba for cats is got, it is necessary to pay attention to storage conditions and sales of a forage, it is surely recommended to look at an expiration date. Packing should not be damaged, and information is accurately registered on the label. The best place for acquisition of any forages including damp, the pet-shop or veterinary pharmaceutical department is.

Opinion of experts

The fact that owners of cats think of a stern it is one, but it is important to know also what is told in this respect by veterinarians. Reviews of experts of products following:

  1. Semyonov V.V., veterinarian: "The negative relation of most of owners of cats to ready production diets surprises, considering that most of them feed the pets with food, quite harmful to animals, from own table. As for Sheba, for cat's she is the dietary food optimum balanced and useful. Its use positively affects a condition of wool, digestive systems, metabolism in various fabrics and bodies improves".
  2. Fatkullin E. Р, employee of veterinary clinic "Medvet": "Some producers abuse and still include in structure of forages for animals harmful ingredients, for example bisphenol A, but it is impossible to tell about Sheba of it. Diets of this brand do not contain dangerous components therefore cannot become the reason of development of different diseases. Besides, their balance and high content of meat and fish are significant advantages".
  3. Anikeeva S.P., veterinarian: "As the owner of two Maine Coons and the veterinarian I can claim that if the animal eats dry diets, he should be indulged periodically canned food if they treat a premium class product. In this segment the damp forage Sheba is quite worthy. Its structure, consistence, tight packing cause trust. And having opened it, it becomes clear that it is the fresh product having appetizing appearance and aroma. Pets appreciate it, with pleasure I recommend to its other owners cats".

Damp forages Sheba – tidbits which are pleasant to the majority of cats. The product in advertizing at least so looks. It is natural that careful owners trust opinion of experts more, and they mostly coincide: Sheba – useful delicacy for the purring favourites.

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