• Feb 6, 2020
the Name of breed can be translated to
from English as "east".
 chocolate kitten of an oriyental of a photo On a photo: kitten of oriental breed. Photo: pixabay.com
For the first time an oriental cat is mentioned in the Thai manuscript "To the book of verses o cats" in 1358. Long Time the East did not allow export of this breed from the country.
For the first time oriyentat took out to the New World by the end of the XIX century. There was it in America in 1977 when breed at officially recognized.
of an oriental cat — Thailand from where the first representatives of breed were transported to the USA. At first oriyental were not wanted to be recognized, carrying them to Siamese which relatives they are.
 Oriyental sleeps a photo On a photo: cat of oriental breed. Photo: pixabay.com
As oriyentala then were usually monophonic, did not allow them to participation in exhibitions. The first standard adopted rather oriental cat breed concerned only a cat with a chocolate color Havana. The dark chocolate cat became a champion in CFA.
For the first time an oriental cat got to Russia in 1987. Siama and an oriyentala belong to the same group breed to this day, they have an identical standard and can get divorced in common.

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