• Feb 15, 2020
the cat I adore

. Red, fluffy, glazishch green – the beauty. And she was named suitable – the Young lady. Shkodnichayet also misbehaves she a little, but she has one serious sin. To take a detached view, so we do not feed absolutely poor "noblewoman". It is worth sitting down at a table – the Young lady here.

Young lady

Such look watches that the piece in a throat gets stuck. Eat, and the poor animal dies of hunger. And this with the fact that its bowl never is empty. And the green-eyed cheat so as if her week did not feed looks. It is only worth departing from a table, the cunning right there inspects plates – that there tasty.

You will scold her, you will drive from a table – takes offense. The tail a pipe will lift, will make a contemptuous muzzle – and will leave kitchen with a type of the offended its royal advantage.

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And so, this queen slightly did not dement me. There were at me from pans products to vanish. One piece of meat, a little. Put a piece of chicken meat in soup, and in the refrigerator did not remove. The pan still hot was.

Next morning in a pan – empty broth. Meat disappeared. Perhaps I think, at me already the sclerosis begins? With suspicion looked at a cat, but then thought – here a cover, on the place. The young lady precisely would drop her, to noise did.

Soon history repeated. A cover on the place, a pan on a plate. There is no meat. I understand nothing. Told the son. And so, the sonny, something wrong is created. Probably, with the head of me a disorder. The son thought-thought and offered:

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– Give the surveillance camera we will put in kitchen! Let's find out what for the poltergeist is active here.

I at first only burst out laughing, and then thought. Really, suddenly business not in me. Agreed to the camera.

The son put a priborchik. In the evening, as usual, cooked broth that in the morning to fill. Left a hot pan on a plate, densely closed a cover.

Next morning I look – empty broth, meat disappeared, and the cover is closed. As it can be, I will cannot understand. I call the son – let's watch record supposedly.

And what we saw? Closer to morning when the pan already cooled down, our beauty appears in kitchen. On a tile прыг – and accurately so a pad shifts a cover.

Slightly opened, through a shchyolochka pulled out a piece of meat, dumped on a floor. Also without hurrying, quietly and thoroughly pushed a cover into place. Farther everything clear – dragged off production in a corner and devoured. The most interesting, even licked broth traces on a floor. Ideal crime.

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There were I with the thief educational work to carry out. Do you though understand, I say that on your fault I slightly did not lose mind? Bezobraznitsa!

Well to abuse this queen it is useless. She, as usual, a tail of a pipe – it is also proud went from kitchen. With a contemptuous look. Are supposedly guilty. It is necessary to feed a poor animal better.

I on a balcony take out now broth. And balcony densely I close a door. Just in case. But if history repeats, I already know what to do. Camera on call.

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