• Feb 12, 2020

I picked up the Manka on the street. February then was snow. Swept up roads so that I could hardly reach the house. The cat sat at our gate – frozen and unfortunate. Having caught sight of me, the fluffy baby tried to run up, but right there failed in a fresh snowdrift.

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I lifted it, cleaned from snow and pressed to myself – regretted a zhivotinka. In addition, speak, cats are beaten to wealth. Generally, I took away this pity to the house, warmed, fed and retained.

Well who knew?! In appearance it was the hungriest cat in the world. Ate for three. And in incomplete month Manka suddenly also gave birth to these three. Sheltered one cat, and received four.

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Month I pottered with the adopted family. Two managed to be attached on a billeting to neighbors. And the koteyka together with mummy remained to live alone with us. Called Dunkaya's baby. And just in case sterilized both.

Our cats lived in peace and friendship, did not bring special trouble. Only sometimes, as the real mafiosi, developed the plan as to pull down something in kitchen. "Godmother", she is Manka Obligation, sat on a stirrup, and the daughter got the dirtiest work – to drag off a piece of meat or a small fish from a table. Then they divided stolen, as well as it is necessary in criminal clan.

When Dunyasha grew up, Manka taught her to catch rats. Younger caught mice since the childhood, and here on rats mother cat was the best expert. Somehow I watched "advanced training courses" for Dunyasha: mother showed where the daughter has to hide. That laid down in bushes and faded. Then senior got into the shed and exhausted on it a rat – tsap-tsarap, and it's done. So they on couple of almost all rats in economy caught.

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One remained, it is visible the cleverest. As my hunters did not try, all the same the cheat left them. So passed few weeks. The rat was more cunning.

Somehow I noticed that in their company the third appeared – red a tomcat, it is unknown from where undertaken (at neighbors such was not). The first day he looked narrowly, and on the second all of them together also caught this rat.

Red made the business – helped two lonely kitties. It would seem, go to yourself good luck. But the cat leaves did not want. It seems that the guy just fell in love with my gangsters. Yes so that it was ready to spend the night in a garden on trees.

I, as always, regretted this red romantic and began to feed up. I think, time is mother and the daughter why not to get zyatky moreover and to such clever. The cat remained with us. Named him Proshka. Now the fluffy gang trades in new structure, and invasion of rats does not threaten our economy any more.

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