• Feb 6, 2020

Such traits of character as activity, ingenuity and ability to adapt to life in any family, make Persian cats more and more popular around the world.
Persian cat Persian cats are charming and friendly
in relation to all family members. But thanks to congenital tactfulness will importunately not require attention if you are not located to communication. As a rule, most of all these cats become attached to one person.

Loneliness for Persian cats – heartrending experience. But in the absence of people they can quite be content with the company of other pets, including dogs. However, sometimes there is an opposition between "Siberians" and the best friends of the person so it is a question of a habit and specific features.

They are taciturn persons and do not like "to waffle".

Persian cats are balanced, reserved and sure of themselves. You will not reproach them with an excessive prokazlivost. As a rule, in the bosom of the family a Persian cat – the impressive being creating a cosiness in the house. However they are capable to protect the territory not worse than a dog and treat strangers watchfully.

Persian cats are excellent hunters and have to have an opportunity to realize the needs at least for a game.

Persian cats are curious and well study. These qualities it is possible and it is necessary to use, setting intellectual tasks for the pet.

the Persian cat communicates with the person as equals and demands to itself respect.

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