• Feb 6, 2020

Character of the Persian cat

the Persian cats are obliged by the Fair part of the charm to pleasant character: they friendly and kind, patient and sociable.
 a cat On a photo: The Persian cat
If in your house it is quiet and peaceful, the Persian cat will radiate pleasure life and content.

the Persian cats adore attention and can sit for hours on a window sill or on a chair, posing for public.

the Persian cats are considered as the most low-active of all breeds. However to treat them as to live toys nevertheless is not necessary – the cat is a cat.
 cats On a photo: Persian cats

As the character of the Persian cat affects behavior

of the Persian cats distinguishes tranquility and affection. They are sympathetic on caress and publish purring or draft sounds in response to the attention shown to them.

the Persian cats quickly get used to daily hygienic procedures, treat bathing and comb-out calmly.

the Persian cats live near the person so long ago that absolutely forgot to hunt and to survive independently.
 a cat On a photo: Persian cat

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