• Jan 13, 2020

At Persian cats of average length the trunk rounded with a small curve in a back part. Large frame, neck strong, broad chest, back and waist strong, wide and roundish head. Legs strong and quite high, however the massive body gives to a cat slightly stocky look. Paws are large, round, between fingers – dense bunches of wool. The tail is mobile, long, direct.
Persian cat
Muzzle of average length, wide. The forehead is convex, transition to a muzzle noticeable. Cheekbones are massive, low. The chin is a little slanted. Straight line nose, wide, long. Ears are big, triangular, widely placed, are decorated with brushes on the ends.

of an Eye big, roundish. Color of eyes, as a rule, golden-green. The look is attentive, intense.

Kittens at the birth have short wool which grows only by 3 months. Adult cats have two-layer, dense, water-repellent wool, an edge on ears, longer wool of the head, magnificent "collar", "trousers" on hinder legs and a magnificent tail on each side. The underfur is thin, but at the same time very dense, average length. Integumentary hair long, rigid, brilliant.

the Coloring can be any. Exception: monophonic lilac or chocolate and also kolor-point. But remains a classical color of Persian cats spotty and striped. White marks standing and a neck meet.

Weigh Persian cats of 8 - 10 kg.

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